Want to Train Your Abs at Home? Here Is the Best 9 Equipment

If you are searching for an abdominal exercise equipment for home workouts, then you may have already bumped into several products.

I have to say most of the products, mainly the ones promoted on TV, are useless. They are advertised as the ultimate solution to build six pack abs in a short time or without doing hard workouts. Don’t let yourself be fooled. The marketers know how to sell garbage.

However, there are a few proven abs equipment that work. With the help of them you can have more efficient core workouts to tone and strengthen your muscles at home.

Which is the most efficient fitness equipment for abs?

Below you can find the best five and additional abs workout equipment that are recommended by experts, and I know from my experience that work.

In addition, you can discover which are the best selling items right now and you can even bump into great discounts and save a lot.

Equipment Description Best Buy

Ab Wheel

With an ab wheel you can train all parts of your abs using your bodyweight. It requires an existing core strength, so it might be not for beginners.

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Sit Up Bench

Adjustable sit up benches are great for anyone since you can change the angle of the board to increase or decrease the resistance.

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Power Tower

A power tower is useful to have the most beneficial bodyweight exercises at home. The leg raise station is excellent for abs.

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Roman chair hyperextension bench

Roman Chair

With the help of a Roman chair you can strengthen your lower back, but you can also do other abdominal exercises with it.

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Fitness Ball

A fitness ball can be used in several ways to work out at home. You can do a lot of types of exercises for your abs with it. Not just for women.

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Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a very versatile piece of equipment for strength training. For example, you can add extra resistance to your ab exercises (Russian twist, crunches, etc.)

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Battle Rope

Not a must-have, but a great tool to add extra versatility to your abs workout routine. Battle rope exercise is great for core and the entire upper body.

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Resistance Band

Another very useful home fitness equipment that can be used in several ways. With a resistance band, we can add extra resistance to the moves. They are particularly useful for standing abs exercises.

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Weighted Hula Hoop

Hula hoop is not the most powerful equipment for abs, but it is a funny way to move more and strengthen the core muscles. The weighted ones are not easy to use for sure.

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Ab Wheel

I believe it is the best ab workout machine as we can strengthen all parts of the core. Plus, it is useful for the chest, arms, shoulders and hamstrings.

The usage is pretty straightforward. You just need to roll it in and out, but there are a few other variations.

The best ab wheels come with unique technologies that support the movement to make it more smooth, safe and efficient.

Are there any cons?

In order to use the roller correctly and efficiently, you should already have a solid core, especially the lower back. So it is maybe not the best solution for beginners.

Well, you can buy cheap ab wheels for some buck, but if you want killer workouts than I recommend the following models.

Adjustable Sit up Bench

The good old sit-up bench is still one of the most beneficial ab machines at the gym if it is comfortable and adjustable. You may have met negative statements about them that they are bad for the back, etc. But that is only true if you do the exercises badly on it. If you check out an abdominal training of a fighter or a bodybuilder, you will see that they always use this equipment. I think there is no better proof than that.

With the help of a bench, you can perform a lot of types of exercises to strengthen each part of the core, and you can even use weights if you are a pro. Also, adjustable sit up benches allow you to decrease or increase the resistance by setting the angle of the board. Hence, it is suitable for almost everyone.

Are there any cons?

I have to say no since it can be adjusted. Although, avoid cheap, non-sturdy and wobbling models. High-quality benches are a bit more expensive, but they are worth the extra money.

Power Tower

Power towers are not the typical abdominal equipment but since they have a pull-up bar and dips sections you can perform various hanging leg raises.

Leg raises are among the most beneficial ab workouts, and they should be included in your routine.

Besides with the help of a tower you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises to train your lower and upper body. It is a remarkably versatile exercise machine.

Any cons?

You need to keep in mind that a power tower station needs space, although there are compact models. Hence, check the dimensions before purchasing one. Below you can find the towers loved by users.

Roman Chair / Hyperextension Bench

A big mistake that beginners commit is that they only focus on their abdominal muscles and forget their lower back.

Training the lower back is important not only to get rid of the fat around your hips and waist but also crucial for a firm core. You lower back takes part in almost every move you make, and if it is weak it may lead to lower back pain.

With a Roman chair, you will be able to do the hyper-extension exercise that is the most beneficial move to strengthen the lower parts of the back (and you legs and hamstrings). In addition, you can do sit ups on it.

Any cons? While hyper-extension is a powerful move, always consult your doctor before if you have back pain.

Here is the list of the best selling Roman chairs right now.

Fitness Ball

List of movements you can do with it.


The stability ball is a usually underestimated fitness equipment for an ab workout. But with the help of it, you can perform lot if powerful abdominal exercises.

Since you have to keep your balance during the movements, it works a lot of muscles at once, especially the core muscles. You can make enhanced crunches, sit ups, planks and others on it. And it is pretty cheap.

Any cons? Well, there are not any.

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Other Beneficial Equipment

There are a few other equipment that are beneficial for having at home ab workouts. With the help of them you can add extra boost for your routines.

Medicine Ball

You can purchase medicine balls in different sizes and weight. They are useful to boost your abdominal workouts since you can add extra resistance to the various moves.

Here is a good example how beneficial it is to train abs.

Battle Rope

There is a reason fighters do battle rope training. You can do exercises with it that strengthen your abs and obliques. Plus, it is great for your arms and shoulders.

Hula Hoop


A weighted hula hoop is a funny way for slimming your waist and hips. It may seem too easy but after doing it for some minutes you will feel it. Furthermore, since your entire body moves, it helps to burn more calories, so it supports weight loss.

Resistance Band

A resistance band is another versatile fitness equipment that can be used to add resistance to common abdominal exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and vertical ab workouts.

Watch the video to see how to use it.

As you see, there are many efficient abdominal exercise equipment out there. But keep in mind that to build flat stomach proper nutrition is crucial. Tweak your diet, have cardio workouts and train your abs 3-4 times week with or without ab exercise machines or other equipment to get a midsection you dream about.


Do you really need an abdominal exerciser?

Well, I have to say it is not necessary since there are a lot of bodyweight exercises for abs.

On the other hand, with the help of these tools you will be able to increase or decrease the resistance. You will be able to focus on your midsection better and that leads to better muscle stimulation. And you may be able to burn more belly fat.

Will using any ab exercise equipment make me flat stomach or six pack?

If you are lean and have just a thin layer of belly fat, you can see results pretty fast.

However, if your body fat percentage is high, in that case, you need to get rid of it. How? By having a balanced diet and cardio that helps to burn calories.

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