Do Clap Pushups To Boost Your Explosive Power



Do you want to improve the explosive power of your upper body? Do you do a martial art and want to improve the strength of your punches? Or are you searching for a sort of all in one plyometric exercise? Then, you should consider adding clap pushups to your workouts.

It does not seem to be hard to do, but if you are not careful and powerful enough, you may end up with your teeth smashing into the floor. This plyo exercise requires fast and explosive power to be performed correctly. And just imagine how tough those guys are who can do two or even three claps while they are in the air.

Pushups with claps are excellent exercises to improve the strength and speed of your entire upper body including your chest, triceps and shoulders.

From this guide you will learn all the secrets of doing clapping pushups such as:

  • what you need to pay attention to;
  • how to get rid of fear;
  • how to perform it correctly;
  • what kind of other exercises you need to do to develop;
  • and what sorts of variations are there.



Before Doing Anything

Firstly, be careful with this exercise! When you land on the floor, it puts an immense stress on the joints of your wrists, elbows and shoulders. So, always warm up before. Never make this move with cold muscles to avoid injuries.

What if I’m Afraid of Landing on the Floor?

You are not alone. That is why I did not do it for long. But since I knew is is so beneficial I had to get rid of my fear with some tricks.

For example, I started doing it in an elevated position. I used a higher chair, then a lower one and as I got the confidence, I went lower and lower. Then, when I was on the floor, I put a small pillow in front of me in the case of falling or I did it outside on a soft grassy ground.

Anyway, just decide to do it and visualize yourself being successful.

What Is the Correct Form and Additional Exercises for Success

The two most important factors of doing a pushup with clap are speed and to press yourself as high as possible. Maybe the previous one is the most vital. If you cannot push yourself high enough, you will not have time to clap your hands.

So, if you cannot make any yet, then you should start with traditional plyometric push ups, without clapping your hands.

However, all other types of press up version can help you to get ready for it, especially the diamond and one arm push ups. Also, triceps exercises such as extensions and dips can help as well.

Watch the video below to see how to do clap pushups correctly and how to prepare for them. (I think it is an excellent tutorial from a lady.)


Clapping Push Up Variations

Once, you are able to do 8-10 or more correct clap pushups, it is time to try more challenging exercises. And there are many cool ones out there.

You may start with doing more claps, 2 or 3. For that, you ill have to push yourself really high and increase your speed.

To go one step even further do side touch push ups or even better behind the back ones.

Wasn’t enough? Just check out the following video for more clapping and other variations.


It Is Your Turn

If you are able to do at least 30 push ups, I believe you are already strong enough to start training for those clapping movements.

Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 explosive pushups, 4-5 sets of one arm push ups as many reps as you can, and do the mentioned additional exercises for your triceps such as extensions and dips. Training 3-4 times a week will do depending on your fitness level. You do not even have to go to the gym as you can do these exercises at home.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you have other suggestions or some questions, do not forget to share with us below.

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