How Much Sugar Is There in the Most Popular Beverages?

how-much-sugar-popular-beveragesWho else does not know that most of the soft drinks we have are packed with sugar? But if you check the following charts about other beverages, you will see that other drinks we usually have, also contain almost as much sugar.

There is no question that sugar is among the main reasons for several conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and other physical problems. Hence, it is highly recommended to increase the daily intake.


How much sugar is recommended daily?

For men about 9 teaspoons about 38 grams. (150 calories per day)
For women about 6 teaspoons about 25 grams. (100 calories per day)
Source: American Heart Association

That means if you have a 12 oz (355 ml) can of Cola (about 140 calories), you reach your daily limit.

Sugar in various Coca-Cola servings


Sugar content of other soft drinks


Amount of sugar in Starbucks products


Sugar in the most popular energy drinks


Amount of sugar in the most popular orange juices




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