100+ Push-Up Variations to Boost Your Upper Body


There is no doubt that push-up is the best bodyweight exercise to train almost all the muscles of the upper body. It is the most powerful move to work your chest, but it also strengthens and tone your shoulders, triceps, back, leg, abs and your core.

If you let out this simple yet magical compound movement from your workout routine, you make a huge mistake.

However, doing the same old push ups all the time can be boring. The good news is that there are hundreds of various push-up exercises. From the presentation below you can learn over 100 types, but the limit is your creativity.

Why should you do more types of push-ups?

  • They make your workout routine more enjoyable, and you can challenge yourself.
  • By making different exercises, you can engage more types of muscle groups, or you can focus on one particular one.
  • By doing the hardest ones such as one arm push-ups you can increase your strength, muscle mass and explosive power drastically.
  • You do not need to go to the gym and lift weights. There are many techniques you can increase the resistance.

What should you pay attention?

Trying all the push-ups variations and implementing them into your workout routine is tempting.

  • However, always perform the moves correctly. Badly-done exercises are not only inefficient, but they can also be dangerous, you can get injuries easily. The motion slowly first and keep the position.
  • Hence, start with ones that you can perform correctly and comfortably. Once you can do 10-15 proper reps, you can move to more complicated variations.
  • Most of the workouts below do not need anything, but there are some that require equipment such as dumbbells, medicine ball or kettlebells. These tools make the moves more challenging. It will be harder to keep the balance of your body and perform the exercise accurately.

So here is the ultimate list of push-up variations (thanks stack52.com for the fantastic presentation). You can learn beginner, intermediate and advanced moves.

Do not forget to check the bottom of the page for some interesting records, apps and other sources.




Besides the mentioned equipment, you can get for some bucks excellent tools that help to get even more from your pushups training.

For example, Perfect Pushup Elite, which allows you to make even more types of exercises and work the muscles from different angles, or you can get a set of push up bar which let you go deeper.

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Here are some fitness applications you can download on your device that can help you to be able to do more repetitions.

Best Push Up Apps | Runtastic Push Ups PRO - Workouts, Trainer & Counter

Do you want to push yourself to do 100 push-ups? This is the app you need.

Best Push Up Apps | Push ups (Chest) Trainer Pro

Free application to develop your push-up workouts.

Best Push Up Apps | PushUps for Beginners - 0 to 100+ Pushups Training

This application is made for beginners.


How to do a push-up correctly?

Watch the video below.


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