Is Weider Ultimate Body Works for You?


Use: Strength Training At Home


Tragets all mayor muscle groups.


Provides full range of motion.

Easy of use

You can quickly set the resistance.


Compared to other home gyms it is cheaper.

We like

  • Full body workout
  • Sturdy
  • Easy Assembly
  • Far cheaper than gym membership

We don't like

  • Rather heavy
  • Not suitable for pro users


If you are searching for a complete strength training equipment for home, then it can be an excellent solution for you. This unique looking machine was developed by the company of Joe Weider, a well-known and trusted manufacturer of various bodybuilding and fitness equipment.

With the help of it, you can strengthen your entire body with different simple and compound exercises. It is especially beneficial for those who want to get in shape, burn some extra calories and strengthen their muscles without going to the gym.

The proof that it works, and it is quality strength training equipment is the hundreds of positive customer reviews it has already get.

Weider Ultimate Body Works
920 Reviews
Weider Ultimate Body Works
Powerful equipment for home workouts.

What sorts of exercises can you do with it?

  • It supports about 50 types of exercises to train your arms, legs, shoulders, back, abs and chest. Hence, we can say it is a versatile system to work the upper and lower body parts.
  • It has been built with a unique mechanism that transforms your bodyweight into resistance with the help of bands, and you can do several other efficient bodyweight workouts with the help of it.
  • You can decrease or increase weight resistance with the assistance of the adjustable power bands and the incline bench. This way it is perfect for beginners as well as for those who are more familiar with working out.
Here is the Weider ultimate body works exercise chart to learn what sorts of moves you can do with it.

Video Review of Weider Ultimate Body Works

Pros and Best Features

  • The board is adjustable so you can decrease or increase the resistance. If you want to perform harder workouts, you just need to increase the angle of the board or adjust the bands.
  • With the help of the four resistance bands, you can add up to 50 lbs to the exercises for even harder workouts.
  • ​As you probably know in order to stimulate the muscles efficiently, you need to do a full range of motion. Its cable and pulley system help to achieve the perfect movement. It also has a positive impact on flexibility that is necessary for avoiding injuries and even contributes to developing muscle strength.
  • ​From the exercise guide above you can see you will be able to target all the major muscles groups. With this machine, you can do compound exercises to train more muscle groups at once, or you can target one specific group of muscles.
  • ​Since so many sorts of activities can be done, there is no need to buy other strength training equipment. Hence, you can save money.
  • ​The customers like it for its sturdy structure made from tubed steel. None of the users complain about wobbling or breaking parts.
  • ​The price is pretty affordable; you can buy it under $150. If you think about how much you should pay for a gym membership, you can see that in 3-4 months it will bring back its price.
  • Although, it seems to be a complicated machine, it is easy to assemble. It can be set up in less than 20 minutes.
  • ​It comes with a folding system which makes storage easy.
  • Compared to other similar home gyms this product is cheaper and provides the same functions.


  • Some buyers find it a bit heavy since it is 80 lbs.
  • It is foldable, but if you want to put it under the bed, you should take off a few parts.
  • A few buyers complain about the missing workout chart.

If you want to do bodybuilding seriously, this machine is not for you. In order to build huge muscles, you should lift heavy weights and use other equipment.

But if you want to build lean muscles mass, tone your body and lose some weight in order to get in shape for the summer, for that it is an exceptional machine.

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  • Dimensions: 71L x 25.5W x 49.5H inches
  • Maximum user weight: 250 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 months parts and warranty.

Conclusion: To sum up, if you are searching for an affordable and long lasting home gym to have complete strength training at home, then Weider Ultimate Body Works is worth to buy.

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