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10 Minute Abs Workouts For Quick Core Training

    Do you now that even a 10 minute abs workout can be enough to build flat stomach? The biggest misconception of beginners is that they think in to flatten their stomach they should do a lot of sets and reps of various exercises to tighten abs.

    The key factor is the amount of fat that covers your midsection. You must get rid of that first to have visible abdominals. Hence, you should burn calories to eliminate belly fat. And it can only be done by being on a healthy diet and doing cardio workouts. Doing hundreds of crunches will hardly help to get rid of it.

    If you have only a little fat, then you are lucky since by doing 10 min abs workouts for 3-4 times a week, you can get excellent results quickly. If not, you need to pay attention to the mentioned factors more.

    Is such a quick ab workout really enough?

    • Yes, if the routine trains all parts of the core that means your upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. Hence, you will need to do various activities in order to focus on each of these muscles groups.
    • It should be intensive, but you need to perform the movements correctly to have their positive effects.
    • In addition, in your strength workout you need to include the most efficient core exercises. I have to say those crunches are not among them. There are far more valuable moves that you can learn from the following ab workout videos.

    Here I have gathered the best workout programs from the most well-known fitness gurus teaching you how to get abs in 10 minutes. You will see that ten minute is enough for your abs.

    1. At Home Abs and Obliques Workout

    It is a medium difficulty program for toning and strength training all parts of the midsection. You do not need any equipment since only bodyweight abs exercises for women are included. It contains some pilates moves and exercises like flutter kicks, side hip raise, and enhanced crunches. With the help of it several other muscles are worked as well like your lower back and hamstrings.


    2. 10 Minute Standing Ab Workout

    Did you know that you can tone and strengthen your core by doing vertical exercises? Furthermore, they burn calories more efficiently since your entire body moves, and that leads to more calorie burning. And they even help to improve your balance and posture. I strongly recommend to include these types of moves into your training. This is an easy exercise routine for beginners.

    3. How to Tighten Your Stomach Without Crunches

    It has been proved by studies that crunches are not among the most beneficial moves at all, and most of the people do them badly. In this crunchless 10 min ab workout video, you do not have to do them at all. Instead, you will have to do other static lower body strength and dynamic exercises to train your midsection.


    4. 10 Minute Lower Ab Workout

    If you have tried to get your midsection into shape you know the hardest part to form is the lower abs. It is the place where the fat goes away latest and most difficult to develop. On the other hand, that v-cut looks attractive. In this video, you can focus on that body part. Some of the most beneficial core exercises are included such as the mountain climber, leg lift, seated sprinter and flutter kicks. I have to say this is maybe the basic workout routine for women on this list.


    5. Cardio Dance Abs Workout at Home for Weight Loss

    Want to burn belly fat and have fun at the same time? Then, this dancing workout is for you. You are maybe skeptic but try it. You will see it works! Also, this is an excellent beginner ab workout plan.


    6. Bodyweight Core Routine

    This video is presented by the guy from Hasfit including some powerful at home exercises with no equipment for toning those core muscles such as side plank variations.


    7. 10 Minute Core Workout with Stability Ball

    One of the most useful equipment to shape and strengthen your midsection is the fitness ball. Since, it rolls here and there it is harder to perform the movements, and with that requires more muscle groups to work together. The following video is a good example how to use your it for a quick core workout.


    8. Just Planks

    Plank and its variations are one of the best practices for developing the entire core. Here is a sample 10 minute workout.

    abs exercise for beginners for womens


    9. 10 Minute HIIT and strength workout

    As I said before cardiovascular training is the most effective way to burn calories, and it can be combined with abs training. The following program is a good example.

    10 minute ab workout intense



    To sum up to get a flat stomach there is no need to train your abs like hell, ten minutes can be enough if you pay attention to what you eat and drink and do cardio. Have one of these plans 3-4 times a week or combine them, and you will see excellent results sooner than you think.

    Did you find the best 10 minute ab workout for you? Share with your friends.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

    4 thoughts on “10 Minute Abs Workouts For Quick Core Training”

    1. How I can get bigger abs? I’m not new to working out, so I know that to get six pack abs I need to do cardio workouts and pay attention to what I eat. My stomach is flat, but I’d like to make my abs muscles to look bigger. I do 2-3 sets of various crunches and leg raises three times a week.

    2. I have a problem with my lower abs, will these exercises help with that? especially the standing ones sinces crunches hurt my lower back?

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