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Safe Ab Exercises After C-Section to Shape Your Belly

    Before talking about ab exercises after C-section, it is important to remind you that before starting any types of workout talk with your doctor. It was a serious surgery, and your body needs time to heal and recover. Lengthy recovery time is required.

    In addition, it is also important that you should start small. I mean do fewer reps, sets and stop doing any abs exercises if you feel pain in your stomach. And rest more if it is required.

    What exercises to avoid after c-section?

    • Typical exercises for abs such as leg lifts, sit-ups, crunches, etc. These isometric moves put too much stress on the abdominal wall. When you do these moves the tummy region bulge up, and that is not safe for the C-section incision.
    • Intensive cardio and plyometric types of exercises such as jumping, running, jump roping, burpees, etc. Even if these moves do not target the abdominal area, because of being compound ones, those muscles are activated as well. Since the body needs time to regain core strength after the C-section, you cannot perform these moves correctly, which leads to injuries.

    1. Do Low Impact Cardio Exercises

    You may be surprised, but I recommend you to start with cardio workouts, but of course with low-impact ones. Walking, riding a bike, swimming are all suitable.


    Firstly, after pregnancy, most of the women have extra weight, mainly on their tummy. The best method to burn that fat is to do cardio exercises and paying attention to your calorie intake. The best combo for weight loss.

    Besides, light cardio is the safest way to return to training and improve your general fitness. You can reactivate your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system.

    Finally, even if they are light moves, your core muscles are always activated. Hence, while you do them, you strengthen your stomach muscles.

    2. Knee Plank

    Knee planks is among the most recommended abdominal exercises after c-section. Itt does not put too much pressure on the lower abs because your knees are on the floor. But, it moderately strengthen the core.

    knee plank exercises for c-section


    3. Bridge

    This exercise is mainly done for strengthening the leg muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings. However, it also works the core muscles since they are activated to keep the balance of the body. But, do not put too much load on the abs.

    Learn the correct form from the video below.


    4. Standing Abs Exercises

    These types of moves are not very well-known, but they are efficient, but most importantly they are safe. Many standing moves allow you to focus on your abdominal muscles slightly.

    Also, since you have to move your entire body, these movements burn more calories than the ones you can do on the floor.

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    From the video below you can learn some moves like these.


    C-section workout for Core

    Now you know the best exercises, and the next step is to put them together into a workout routine. Here are two strength training routines you can do at home. With the help of them you can gently strengthen your core.


    Another light post c-section ab workout with pilates moves.



    With exercising and correct nutrition you can get back in shape sooner than you think. I do no say it will be easy, but it is worth to feel well in your skin and be healthy. I hope these stomach exercises after cesarean will help you to flatten your stomach.


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