Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Favorite Chest Exercises

Arnold's Favorite Chest Exercises

Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger has started a new series on his Facebook page in which he answers questions.

In one of his videos, he was talking about his favorite chest exercises and how they work the various parts of the pectoralis. Also, he was talking a little bit about why weight training is so important and his deadlift record.


So the central question was:

What is your favorite chest exercise?

His favorite ones are bench press, incline bench press and chest flyes. But he thinks there is no such thing as the best since each of them are required to get good results. The traditional bench press is for building muscle mass and strength. The incline press is good for the upper part of the pecs. While flyes are needed for making the chest wider. That is why each of them are required for a complete workout.

On the other hand, there are a lot of others that should be done using cable crossover machine. But he thinks pullover and dips are also crucial for success.

He was also talking about his best deadlift that was 710 lbs (322 kg). I like his tip that he did heavy weight training at least once a week. And another one that there is no need to give a peak performance all the time, but regularly we should challenge ourselves.

On his heavyweight training, he usually did bench press with 450 lbs, 550 lbs squats and 650 lbs deadlifts. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I’m sure I’m going to check his advice regularly. Maybe he is the best to learn from. A really motivational guy for sure.

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You can check out more of his videos on his official Facebook page.

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