Assisted Pull Up Machine Training Tips

assisted pull up machine guide

When looking to do your pull or chin ups, look no further than the assisted pull up machine. This piece of equipment allows you to slowly build up your strength until you can do these bodyweight exercises unassisted.

The more weight you load onto it, the less difficult the exercising becomes. It can look a little scary and complicated to use, especially to those new to the gym.

Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine Benefits

It helps in working out your upper body. All you have to do is get a good grip on the bars above your head and lift your own body weight using your arms and back muscles.

Use it as part of your strength training workout routine. Thanks to it you will develop fast, and it is an easy technique to this type of workout.

When using a pull up assist machine, you require no spotter which means you can train alone.

It is also quite stable which means the individual will not have to stabilize the exercise motion by themselves as the machine will do it on their behalf.

The weight stack in use helps you keep track of your progress. You keep reducing the resistance as you build your strength.

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Muscles Worked Out Using The Assisted Pull Up Machine

muscles worked


One of the muscles engaged includes the trapezius muscles. These extend from the spine throughout the shoulder blades and even to the neck. These muscles give extra power to the lift.

The Latissimus Dorsi muscles that wrap throughout your back, stretching from the spine to the sides are another group of muscles engaged during an assisted pull up workout.

The biceps which help your arms bend at the elbows are engaged during the rise as the elbows curve to help lift your body.

To sum up it helps to strengthen your entire back, particularly your lats.

How To Use Assisted Pull Up Machine

It uses counter balance weights. The more weight you use, the easier the exercise gets. Be sure to set the weight to at least 20 pounds less than your body weight.

When exercising, stand on the side platforms and hold onto the outer handles. Place one knee on the padded knee rest and be prepared to hold yourself up. Be sure to keep your abs engaged, your shoulders pressed back and down, and your spine kept neutral. Avoid swinging and grasp the bar with an overhand.

As you get stronger, you add less weight to the stack to allow you to use more of your own weight until you get to the point where you need no assistance to pull yourself up.

The Body-Solid Weight Assisted Chin And Dip Machine Review

assisted chin up and dip exercise machine

Weight assisted pull ups at home

The Body Solid weighted pull up machine with assist has a counter resistance knee-pad platform which allows you to control the desired amount of weight assist balance. It also has a wide grip station for a lat pull up and close grip position for a chin up which allow for easy step-up entry.

The dip station features provide easy access due to the oversized diameter grips which provide ultimate comfort.

It has dimensions of 54 inches wide, 63 inches long and 82 inches tall which puts it at the right size to fit in any living space.


  • This fitness equipment is for sale on Amazon and includes free shipping which is an ideal package.
  • The assisted pull up dip machine can be used by anyone regardless of their fitness level. Even as a beginner just beginning your fitness journey or looking to get back on the right track to being fit, the assisted chin and dip machine is perfect for you.
  • It is retailed by Sports Unlimited is ideal for even light commercial use.


  • The building instructions are not too clear. Hence, the assembling process could end up being messy. It requires someone who is handy and has a bit of experience in putting together such equipment to figure out what goes where.
  • The height ranges to allow an individual to use is also a bit limiting. If you have long arms, you may not be able to straighten them when doing chin ups.


vertical knee raise station

Top reviews from customers who have used the assisted chin up machine state that it is of high quality. You can adjust the stack of weight ideally. It allows for one to work out from the comfort of their own home gym without the need of a spotter. As you build your strength progressively, you get to stop using the weight for assistance.

However, other users note that the range of motion for those over a certain height is limited and the chin ups done will not allow you to straighten your arms as much.

For some users weighing over 220 pounds, they didn’t quite find it ideal as it did not give them proper movement for their muscles. They, therefore, recommend its use for lighter people.

assisted dip station

Assisted dip machine function


The Body-Solid weight-assisted chin and dip machine comes at an affordable price, and the user incurs no shipping costs. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to build strength and work on muscles on their back, shoulders, and arms.

It may look a bit complicated but can be used by anyone looking to add something new to their fitness regime. If you are looking to do some pull up exercises without going to the gym, then this is the ideal workout equipment for you.


If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will definitely get to enjoy the benefits of these exercises done on this machine. This makes it perfect for use by anyone regardless of weight or fitness level. Even if you are new to the fitness game, you can easily use it from the comfort of your home to help work on your muscle development.


In case you cannot afford this equipment, you can use a rubber assist band, but it does not provide such comfortable and stable support. However, it is compatible with any bar or a power tower. Another gym stuff you can use is the lat pulldown machine. However, if you prefer bodyweight exercises, it is not suitable for you.

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