Best 5 Back Exercise Machines for Home

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Even if you do not have time going to the gym, you can build a V-cut upper body at home with the help of the back exercise machines I will show you here. This equipment gives you everything you need to have a total back workout.

And since they are versatile, you can perform many other types of exercises with the help of them. Hence, they are a valuable part of a home gym.

List of Back Exercise Equipment for Home Training

1. Pull up bars or power tower for bodyweight training

The pull up is said to be the king of the upper body training, and for a good reason. This compound bodyweight exercise works your lats very effectively making your back broad and developed. But, it also gains your arms, shoulders, and core.

For performing pull-ups at home, you can choose from many options. Obviously, with the help of the mentioned items, you can do many other exercises as well for example the chin up which is also a perfect move for the back.

What to check out before getting any of the following?

The maximum weight capacity to know if it is safe to use for you.

  • The size to know if you have enough space to use it comfortably.
  • Read the reviews if the product is stable and robust. Wobbling equipment is very annoying and might be dangerous to train on.


A. Free standing pull-up bar

free standing pull up station


In my opinion, this equipment provides excellent training experience since you have a lot of space to exercise. The workout area is wide and tall, and it does not come with other workout stations which might be disturbing. Hence, it is perfect for even taller guys. However, because of that size, they require space.

If you are a techie guy, you can construct your DIY pull up bar in the garden as well.


B. Wall mounted pull up bar

wall mounted bar


This is more compact equipment that you need to fix on the wall. Hence, it is a great choice for those who have a lack of space at home. It is still an excellent tool to have the best back exercises at home.


C. Power Tower

power tower fitness gear


This home gym equipment comes with more functions for bodyweight training. Besides the pull-up, it comes with a dip and vertical knee raise station. Hence, it lets you perform the most beneficial bodyweight exercises for the entire upper body.

Since they are packed many functions they are not small, so you need space at home. But, I think it is the best option on this list.

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D. Doorway bar

doorway bar


If you live in an apartment where you have no space at all, then a doorway pull up bar is the best buy. Of course, it does not provide such a good user experience as the previous ones, but still better than nothing. Just be very careful when you fix it to the frame. I’m sure you have already seen funny videos about people falling off with the bar in their hands.

2. Lat pulldown machine (or a home gym)

lat pulldown machine


It is the most well known among the back machines at the gym. The lat pulldown exercise and its variations are excellent practices to develop the strength and size of your lats.

Plus, thanks to the upper pulley system you can perform many activities for other muscles. For example, triceps extensions to gain your arms, or cable crunches for your abs. And, if it comes with a lower pulley system as well, you perform even more cable exercises for back such as rowing (substitute to seated row machine), or cable pulls for your legs.

Moreover, compared to pull up bars they are maybe a better option for beginners since they can choose a lighter resistance to start with.

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On the other hand, you may think about purchasing a home gym machine instead that comes with far more functions, among them there is the lat pull down. But, those machines cost much more.

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What to check out when buying?

  • The first is the maximum load you can use the equipment with. In most of the cases, the max capacity is between 300-400 lb which is enough for most of the trainees. But, if you are a pro get a more robust machine.
  • The other thing you have to consider if you want a stack or a weight plate loaded machine. If you have no weights at home yet, it is maybe a better option to get a stack one since there is no extra cost. Plus, weight stack equipment is more comfortable to use since you do not have to mount and unmount the plates.

3. Back extension machine (Roman chair)

hyperextenion bench


Without a doubt, the hyperextension machine or Roman chair is the best lower back exercise equipment.

Many people do not really spend time with training the low part of the back. But it is vital since it is an essential part of the core being engaged in almost every move you make and while you exercise. Also, the weak low back is one of the reasons for back pain.

This machine helps to strengthen those areas exceptionally well plus your glutes and hamstrings. And, you may do a few other abdominal exercises with it such as side bends and dips since they come with handles.

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4. Adjustable dumbbells



I list dumbbells among the best exercise equipment for back strength training because there are a lot of practices you can do with them. I believe it is the most versatile piece of home workout equipment at all.

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From the following video, you can learn many back exercises with dumbbells.

5. Barbell Set

barbell row


This list would not be complete without mentioning the barbell with weights. Weight lifting exercises like the deadlift and bent over row are great to boost the size and strength of your back.

On top of that, with a bar set, you can have a total body training at home (bench press for chest, squat for the lower body, etc.)

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What are the best back exercises you can do at home?

Now you know the back machine names, now let’s talk a little bit about what are the most beneficial moves to target the various muscle groups.

  1. Pull up is usually called the king of the upper body exercises. And, for a good reason. It makes your lats broad but also improves your forearms, core, and biceps. It is my favorite bodyweight exercise.
  2. Barbell deadlift. It is a must-to-do compound exercise which strengthens almost every part of your body. It requires practice to learn the proper form, but it is worth it.
  3. Single-arm dumbbell row. It is unilateral exercise so you can enjoy a more extended range of motion which leads to better muscle gain.
  4. T-bar row because of the fixing of the end is not so challenging to perform so you can use heavier weights. If you use close grip, you can focus on your middle back and with wider grip your lats.
  5. The bent-over barbell row is an excellent practice to work the big muscles of the back. However, correct form is essential for targeting and avoiding back injuries.
  6. Close grip lat pull downs compared to wide grip lat pulldown exercise gives an extended motion which is useful for building your back muscles, particularly the latissimus dorsi.

What is the best exercise equipment for a bad back?

Well, that depends on how serious the problem you have so before starting strength training, it is crucial to consult with a doctor.

I used to suffer from lower back pain. Now I know the pain came from the weak lower back and core muscles. I trained on the low back extension machine, and I also stretched a lot. Now, I have no problems.


No matter which back exercise machine you choose above you will have training equipment that lets you have full training. Plus, since they are versatile, you can strengthen other parts of your body as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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