Why Most Diets are Inefficient and Unhealthy

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I do not know anybody around me who has never tried any diet or always looking for the best one. In addition, the word diet is one of the most searched terms.

For me, this is a proof that most of the diet plans are inefficient, no matter if it is promoted as the “ultimate way of losing weight”.

In most of the cases, these plans are not only useless, but actually unhealthy. Do you think it is natural to lose 20 or more pounds a month? There is no question that drastic weight loss like that is unhealthy, and it will not last for long.

Studies have proved that the optimal amount is about 10 pounds a month. And to achieve that you do not need to take any magic pills, starve yourself to death or only eat the same kinds of foods day after day.

The creators of those fad diets know that people want results fast, without really working for it, and they are good at marketing, believe me. They use our weaknesses to make more profit.

The following infographic shows you what this business is all about.



Your body is like a machine that requires fuel. Fuel that is made from the right amount of various components. And if you have too much or too little of one or more type of ingredients, that surely does bad for your body.

That is why I say high protein, low carbohydrates and no fat regimes are unhealthy. It is even worse if your plan recommends eating only one type of food such as cabbages, cookies or others in a vast amount.

You may lose weight, for a short time, but your body will not be healthy, since it neglects nutrients that are essential for its proper functioning.

Here are some most stupidest diets that you should never try.



However, your body is “intelligent” and it protects itself. If you do not take in enough fat, once you have some, it is going to store it. If you do not have enough carbs, then it breaks down muscles and stores the energy in fat in order to get the energy it needs in the future. And in the end after losing some pounds, you have more stored fat than before.

And extreme diets are even worse. How can your body function properly if you only consume almost one type of food? I’m talking about nonsense regimes like cabbage, cookie or grapefruit diet. It is impossible to provide the right amount and kinds of nutrients for your body that way.

Be very careful with diets you hear! If you should eat too little or too much of one food group or nutrient, it is not good for you.

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You may say “Yes I know all these things, but how I can lose weight?”

The main reason there are so many overweight people in the world is that they do not move enough and consume more calories they need, and those processed foods just make the things worst.

The formula is simple. Consume a wide variety of natural foods and get rid of the processed ones. Consume enough veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes that will provide you the right amount of beneficial carbs, minerals and vitamins. Eat lean meat, seafood and legumes to have enough protein and beneficial fatty acids. There are even a lot of natural metabolism boosters that support weight and fat loss efficient. And finally, cook your meals.

And move! Get a physical activity that you enjoy doing and train at least 4 times a week for 45 minutes. Even simple walking can make huge changes.

All in all, losing weight and being healthy can go hand in hand. You just have to get used to eating healthily and regular exercising. The result may come later, but it will be long lasting and most importantly you are going to be healthy. The next time you see a new “revolutionary diet” think twice before jumping into it.

Have you ever tried any fad diet?
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