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What are the Benefits of Cardio Training?

    benefits of cardio training

    It is a well-known fact that cardio training has several benefits on health. But before talking about these advantages in details, you should understand what cardio is.

    For me it is a sort of physical activity which raises the heart rate, but during this activity you are able to talk.

    It is also known as aerobic exercise and here is the definition from Wikipedia.

    Aerobic exercise is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process. Aerobic literally means “relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen”, and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism. Generally, light-to-moderate intensity activities that are sufficiently supported by aerobic metabolism can be performed for extended periods of time.

    Now you know what this sort fitness workout means, let’s see the benefits. At the end of this post, I’m sure you will determine that you will do it.

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    Benefits of cardiovascular fitness

    1. Benefits of cardio exercise for weight loss

    It is mostly known as the guaranteed method to lose weight besides diet. During the aerobic exercises, almost all the muscles work and the heart rate goes up. Therefore, your body requires more energy and it burns more calories. It first burns the carbs then the fat.

    The amount calories burned depends on the intensity, the length and the type of the exercise. In addition, the weight and the age of the person also count.

    It is obvious that an 80kg man running for 20 minutes will burn more calories, than 50kg woman walking for 10 minutes.

    Learn how many calories are burned with various activities.

    Overall, if your aim is weight loss and burning fat it is essential to include cardiovascular exercises in your workout routine. However, you must not forget that working out and diet should go hand in hand to see results.

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    2. Why is cardio important for the heart?

    Regular aerobic workouts help a lot to strengthen your heart and it is a good prevention for various heart diseases. A stronger heart does not have to work so hard to pump the blood all over the body so the pulse will be lower.

    While an athlete usually has about 50-60 heart rate, one who does no workouts at all has about 70-90 or even more.

    Cardio exercise is the best prevention against heart attack and high blood pressure.

    3. Increase the capacity of your lung

    The other benefit of aerobic training is that it increases the capacity of the lung. A stronger, bigger lung can take up more oxygen. This improves the circulation system and provides enough oxygen for the body cells. Strong lung will help you to have more efficient workouts.

    4. It Develops Mentally as Well

    It is an exceptional technique to reduce stress. I’m a good example. Whenever, I fell myself stressed I run or punch my heavy bag for at least 30 minutes. Then, I always feel myself reborn and in most of the cases I find a solution for my problem.

    I also have to mention that since I do cardio workouts at least 3 times a week I feel myself much better inside and I’m more balanced. I did not feel this when I only did weight training.

    In addition, researches have also proved that it has positive effects on sleeping as well and it is a real cure against depression.


    What are the best cardio exercises?

    From the post and the presentation below you can learn how many calories you can burn with various activities and which are the bets ones.


    list of cardio exercises

    List of cardio exercises


    More Information

    From the video below you can learn more benefits and how to get the most from your cardio workouts.


    And these are just some of the main benefits of cardio training. Believe me aerobic workouts develop you both mentally and physically. Do not waste your time! Start now!



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