What Are the Benefts of Running?


There is no doubt that running is one of the most efficient fitness activities to burn fat and calories, improve endurance and develop your cardiovascular system. Several studies have proved that it has tons of health advantages, both physical and mental.

In the video below I have put to get several reasons why you need to run. Under the video, you can find more about the benefits of running and other useful info.


It improves your mental health

Many studies have confirmed that regular running is a sort remedy against many common mental illnesses such depression and stress.

I do various workouts from calisthenics to Crossfit, and I run at least once a week about 5 miles. I always feel myself fresh and balanced after my workouts, but this feeling is the strongest after running.

If you suffer from the mentioned problems, run 3-4 times a week, you will see it works.


Run wherever and Whenever You Want

In addition, other researches have shown that it has a positive impact on the sexual life since it boosts the amount of responsible hormones in your body and increases your energy level. It even helps to sleep better. And these just some of the mental benefits of running.

The most efficient cardio exercise for burning calories

It is the ultimate calorie and fat burner. An average man burns more than 700 calories per hour. Of course, that depends on the intensity and other factors.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape regular running and healthy diet can bring astonishing results.

Besides, running has a metabolism improving effect that lasts for many hours even after you finished your workout. That also supports weight loss.

It is cheap

You do not need anything expensive, just a good pair of shoes. However, it is essential to buy shoes that are specially made. They help to avoid injury and make your training more efficient.

The infographic below can help you how to pick the right type of runner shoes and you can choose from the best running shoes here.


It boosts your stamina

An important physical benefits of running is that it develops your endurance and cardiovascular system. Just think of fighters, they run almost every day, for good reason.

To tell the truth, it did not use to be part of my training, but since I began, I feel its incredible impact on my stamina. I perform other cardio activities faster and more efficiently.

Best prevention against several diseases

Several researches have proved that it helps to avoid cardiovascular illnesses such as heart attack, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases. In addition, it is a cancer prevention activity. The health benefits of running is numerous.

Builds stronger core and better posture

Proper running strengthen your core muscles that are responsible for posture. However, it is crucial how you do it.

The infographic below will help you to learn how you should run to avoid injuries and increase the effectiveness.


Source: SuperSkinnyMe.com


And these are just the primary running benefits. If you do not do this activity, you make a huge mistake. There is good reason the best sportsmen and women run.

If you are a beginner, start with fast walking, and then continue with jogging or combine running with fast walking. Gradually lengthen the amount of time you spend on running and less with walking and increase the distance. You may start with the treadmill, but I think it is not as efficient. There are also many useful applications you can install on your phone to get started.

Beneficial Running Gear & Accessories

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