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What Are the Benefits of Stretching & Workouts

    benefits of stretching

    Why is stretching good for you?

    One big mistake of beginners is that they neglect stretching. No matter what sort of sport or physical activity you do, improving your flexibility is crucial. As you will see, there are a lot of benefits of stretching daily or at least after workouts.

    What is it?

    It is a type of activity when we extend a part of the body. With the help of these moves, we can increase the flexibility of the muscles, joints and tendons that has several fitness and health benefits. Increased flexibility improves the general condition of the body.

    How to do stretch correctly

    You can do them before, after and even during your training, and it is recommended doing exercises even on your rest days. The more flexible you are, the better.

    If you do it before your workout, you should warm up your muscles first. You need to do simple moves for at least 5 minutes. The aim is to warm up those “cold muscles” in order to avoid injuries. It can be light jogging and at one place and simple rotational movements.

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    There are two types: static and dynamic.

    Dynamic stretching is a form of stretching beneficial in sports utilizing momentum from form, static-active stretching strength and the momentum from static-active stretching strength, in an effort to propel the muscle into an extended range of motion not exceeding one’s static-passive stretching ability.


    benefits of dynamic stretching

    Benefits of dynamic stretching


    Static stretching is used to stretch muscles while the body is at rest. It is composed of various techniques that gradually lengthen a muscle to an elongated position (to the point of discomfort) and hold that position for 30 seconds to two minutes.


    static stretching benefits

    Static stretching benefits |


    I think the best if we combine them in order to maximize the outcome. Never forget to stretch all part of your body even if you did not work those muscle groups. You may focus more on the trained ones.

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    Stretching Workout Routines

    Here are a few workouts that I recommend. (Presented by ladies but good for guys as well :))




    5. Benefits of stretching

    1. It increases the range of the move

    It helps not only to lengthen the muscles but also the tendons. It leads to increased length of the movement. A simple example is squat. If you cannot go down deep, regular leg stretching is what you need.

    2. Better posture and coordination

    Because your muscles are not so tight, your posture and balance will be better as well. Poor posture is one of the main reasons of spine and lower back pain.

    3. Injury prevention

    You can avoid muscle, joint and tendon injuries, and it even helps to get rid of muscle soreness. Your muscles will recover faster after the workout.

    4. Better exercise performance

    There is a reason professional athletes stretch so lot, they know with the help of it they can perform better. It is a fact that better flexibility contributes to doing harder moves, lift bigger weights and workout more intensively. It just makes your entire body more powerful and helps to have more energy.

    5. Get rid of stress

    If you are stressful, it can help to get rid of it; especially the yoga moves.


    There is no doubt that the health benefits of stretching is numerous. Hence, it is strongly recommended not just for those who workout, but for the average man. It has so many benefits, and it does not need so much time and effort.

    I usually neglected it, and it was a huge mistake. Since I stretch my body almost every day for at least 10 minutes, I feel that I’m able to perform exercises more comfortably and efficiently no matter of it is cardio or strength training. It is simply a must to keep your body healthy and fit.

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