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Best 10 Minute Cardio Workouts At Home for Fat Burning

    Although a 10 minute cardio workout does not seem to be too much, but short, yet complete and intense training can do a lot to burn calories.

    The secret is that the routine should include exercises which work the muscles efficiently and boost the heart rate. A well-made program can burn fat and a lot of calories even if it takes only 10 minutes. With healthy eating, they surely help weight loss.

    If you have no time and you want to move a bit at home, the following programs are suitable for you. By the way, most of the workout videos below are presented by women, but they are suitable for men as well. Believe me guys, these programs are sweaty ones.

    Various 10 Minute Cardio Workouts for Different Purposes

    Quickie Workout

    This is a truly intense 10 minute workout which works your entire body, no equipment is required and helps to torch fat. It includes jumping and punching combinations that are particularly beneficial for increasing heart rate.


    Fitness Blender 10 minute HIIT

    This routine from Fitnessblender contains much the same moves, but there are some which you will need to do on the floor. It is a great one to burn fat and tone all body parts in no time.


    Fat-Blasting Circuit

    A not so intense program, but the movements in it are actually effective. Plus, a few valuable tips are shared and the exercises are well-instructed. It is excellent for beginners.


    Boxing Workout

    I do heavy bag training and shadow boxing frequently and I have to say they have helped me a lot to lose weight and burn the fat covering my tummy. If you are searching for a cardio boxing workout, this is the video you want.

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    With Dumbbells

    This is a high intensity routine with ten types of exercises. In this video, there are dumbbell activities which help to strengthen and tone muscles efficiently. This is the one I do when I demand some move and want to refresh myself.


    Fat-Burning Routine

    In this video mountain climber variations as well as burpees are included which are especially beneficial for working and toning the abs muscles.


    Jump Start at Home

    Jumping is one of the best moves to increase heart rate and train the lower body. That is why I do skip rope sessions. In this video, there are different jumping exercises.


    10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout

    Kickboxing trainings are excellent to develop the cardiovascular system and to stimulate and tone muscles. In this video, many kickboxing moves are done.


    10 minute interval workout

    Do you want to train your lower body muscles and burn fat? This the routine you need to tone your legs with squat variations and other activities. It is not only a great 10 minute cardio workout without equipment including only bodyweight exercises, but shapes your glutes (butt) as well.

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    Low impact cardio workout at home

    Do you need something not so hard and intensive? Then, try this low impact aerobic routine.


    10 minute cardio dance workout

    Do you like dancing or found these exercises boring? Then, try this routine which is much more fun, but it will still help you to burn calories at home. Plus, you will learn few moves that you can use on the dance floor.


    30 Days Program

    And finally here is a 30 days cardio program from Each training is about 10 minutes if you do the circle only once.



    Here are some more cardio workout for beginners at home you can try.

    10 Minute Cardio Workout


    cardio and abs training

    10 minute beginner ab workout


    high intensity training with jump rope


    quick 10 minute circuit


    What are 10 minute cardio workout benefits?

    People think that to burn fat they need to have long and tiring training. But, if you do high-intensity interval training, like some of the plans above, you can burn a lot of calories quickly. The quality over quantity is true here as well. So, even if you have just a half an hour daily for fitness, you can do a lot to your health and shape.

    As you see, there are many plans you can do at home. I think, from the routines below you can create yours now. If you pay attention to your nutrition, do some weight training and do one of these, you can see great results.

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