Best Arm Workouts for Women with Dumbbells

arm workouts for women with dumbbells

Ladies like to neglect arm training since they are afraid of having massive upper arms. Girls, you do not have to afraid of that!

Working those muscles is important, and it is not so easy to build huge biceps and triceps. If you want to develop a firm and symmetric body, you need to include arm workouts in your routine. And you need to do arm exercises with weights.

A complete arm routine should work both the biceps and triceps muscles. Anyway, if you do other compound exercises you already strengthen these muscle groups. Just think about push ups. Push ups stimulate not only the chest muscles but also the triceps ones. Moreover, most of the back exercises work the biceps as well.

Hence, you do not need to focus so much on this body part, but some moves are always beneficial for toning and strengthening.

In my opinion, free weights are the best equipment. Dumbbell and barbell exercises stimulate the muscles efficiently and build strength.

Let’s focus on the best arm workouts for women with dumbbells now.

Which are the most efficient dumbbell exercises for women? The ones that are recommended for men.

Best biceps exercises for women?

Dumbbell biceps curl and hammer curl and the variations of these moves. You can do these exercises in standing or sitting position. These even strengthen your forearms.

More tips: Guide to Dumbbell Biceps Exercises

Best tricep exercises for women?

One or two arms biceps extensions, triceps kickback, which you can do standing or sitting position as well, and lying triceps extension.

Learn these moves.


In order to get the best results, other barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises should be added as well. In addition, you need to increase the resistance to stimulate the muscles regularly.

Below I have collected some really efficient arm workouts with dumbbells for females with dumbbells.

Get Toned Arms

In this routine, only dumbbells are used, and all the most important exercises are presented. If you do this routine, you will target all the muscles.


10-Minute Workout

It is a 10 minute workout to shape your triceps, biceps and shoulders.

Shoulders and Arms Sculpting Workout

In this routine beside the dumbbell arm exercises for women, other body weight movements are also included, for example, push ups. Bodyweight exercises are beneficial for increasing your fitness level.

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Build Tank Top Arms

Another routine that is the combination of weighted and bodyweight moves.


Shoulders, Arms & Upper Back Routine

In this video, some compound exercises are included which work almost the entire upper body.

Sexy Biceps Workout

Do you want to focus only on your biceps? Then this routine is for you. Don’t be afraid you will not have bulky biceps like those bodybuilders have, just toned and firm upper arms. Make 2-3 sets with 8-12 reps for each move. There is no need to us heavy weights but focus on the motion.

biceps workout for ladies with dumbbells
Best bicep workout for women


Tricep Workouts for Women

Did you know that your triceps muscles are the larger part of your arms? Hence, if you want to get a little bit bigger guns, you should train them. From the following video, you can learn seven excellent moves with and without hand weights.


Printable Arm Workouts for Women

Another not so usual routine with boxing moves.


dumbbell arm exercises for women


And finally, here is a routine in which bodyweight moves combined with weight training.

women's arm workout printable
Arm toning exercises for women at home



How to get rid of flabby arms?

If you want to get rid of the fat, you should focus on your diet, and you need to do fat burning cardio training. Healthy eating is crucial for fat and weight loss. The workout routines above are not enough for fat burning. You may want to increase the number of repetitions, but you will need to use lighter weights.

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