The Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

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best-bodyweight-exercisesI can remember clearly when I first saw the “44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever” video, and that was one of the triggers that pushed me towards calisthenics.

At that time, I was overweighed and plump. I had not trained for 3-4 years, and I did not care about what I ate. My fitness level was almost zero. I felt I had to change, but I did not want to start weight training again that I had done a few years before. But I wanted to do strength training.

Fortunately, that time bodyweight workouts became more and more widespread and Youtube was full of videos of guys (and girls) doing calisthenics.

To tell the truth at first, I was skeptical. Is it possible to build muscle and strength just by doing bodyweight routine? Is that enough? I thought those moves were too easy and did not stimulate the muscles as much. (of course, I was false.)

But after trying some of the moves, even the simple ones, I realized that bodyweight training is an exceptionally efficient way to develop muscles and power. Plus for me it is more enjoyable, and I do not have to go to the gym, just a few equipment is required at home.

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If you have not seen this video, you must. I have seen it numerous times as it motivates me to push myself towards doing the harder ones.


About the exercises in the video

In the video Tee Major, who is a Military Fitness Instructor in the USA, presents intermediate and advanced movements for all the major muscle groups and cardio.

Most of the exercises are compound ones that train various muscles at once. This types of moves boost your heart rate and develop strength efficiently. Plus, he shows some others that improve explosive power.

If you include these bodyweight exercises into your workout routine you will be able to build lean muscle mass, increase your endurance and power.

If you are a beginner or you have not got a basic strength level, then most of these exercises are not for you yet. Although, they are perfect for inspiration.

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As you see most of the movements he makes are push-up, pull-up, squats, leg raise and plank variations that provide a complete training for both the upper and lower body. However, I miss the dips that are great for shoulders, triceps, and chest.

What makes this video outstanding is the bodyweight leg exercises he shows us. Calisthenics is usually criticized for that it is impossible to build strong and bulky legs with it. Just do the moves you saw, you can achieve both.

I also love the various core exercises he presents. These are killer to build strong and defined abs.

It is also great to see how many ways we can add extra resistance to the standard exercises to make them harder.

Overall, this is an excellent video that shows the beauty of bodyweight training. I would like to say a big thank for Tee Major for putting it together and motivating us. These are certainly the best movements.

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Are Bodyweight Exercises as Good as Weights?

Both of them has advantages and disadvantages, but unless you do not want to be a bodybuilder bodyweight training will do. With calisthenics, you can build strong and significant muscle mass as well. You just need to follow a well-organized workout routine and pay attention to you diet. So, if you ask me, my answer is sure yes!

Can it help me to lose weight?

If you want to get rid of fat, then the first step is to pay attention to your diet and do cardio to burn calories. On the other hand, since most of the bodyweight moves are compound ones, you can burn more calories with them as more muscles are engaged. For me, calisthenics works much better than lifting weights to lose weight.

How to make bodyweight exercises more challenging?

If you own weight is not enough anymore then you can use a weighted vest, bands or weights to make your training even harder. You can find info on calisthenics equipment here.

Do you want to know more about this type of workout? Just check out our calisthenics category here.

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