Top Bodyweight Squat Variations for Lower Body Strength

Bodyweight Squat Variations

If you prefer weightless training, the most powerful exercise to strengthen your lower body is the bodyweight squat. However, after some time you may find it easy to perform and feel you need extra resistance to keep developing.

That is the point where some of the following bodyweight squat variations I will show you come handy. By adding these exercises to your leg workout routine, you can increase strength and mass of the lower body muscles.

From the video below you will learn not well-known calisthenics exercises such as the pistol squat, but also several others that you may have never seen before. I particularly like that plyometric squats (squat jumps) are added to this list since these moves are excellent to boost functional strength. By using a plyometric box, you can make these activities even more efficient, though.

Ok, so check out the video below.

Different types of bodyweight squat variations

If you are at an advanced level, I’m sure you know how to add these squat variations to your workout routine. However, here is a sample program you may find useful.

leg workout routine

Squat workout at home


How to do squat exercise at home – Tips for beginners

If you have just started working out, you may like to know benefits of squats without weights. Here are a few reasons why you should do it:

  • It is a compound exercise. That means it works more than one muscle group at once. In this case, your calves, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps but since you have to keep you balance it also strengthens your core muscles. It is particularly ideal for women to shape their hips and butt.
  • It is among the best bodyweight exercises for leg strength training without going to the gym
  • You do not need any equipment so that you can work out at home.
  • There are a lot of variations to increase the strength and the size of your leg muscles. And, some variations are excellent for functional strength development.
  • As it was told in the first point, it is a compound leg exercise, so it burns a lot of calories at once leading to weight loss.
what muscles do squats work

What muscles do squats work out | Credit:

However, before trying these variations, you should learn how to perform squats without weights correctly. Just follow the instructions in the following video.


Calisthenics (bodyweight training) is usually criticized by weight lifters that is not efficient for the lower body. I think these variations are the proof that it is not true at all. A well-organized bodyweight squat workout trains all parts of the lower body bringing great results. Also, they are excellent to burn fat and have many other health benefits. So, do not hesitate to do these moves.

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