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Want to Burn Fat Quickly? Do Cardio Boxing Workouts!

    cardio boxing workouts

    When I started strength training two years ago, I realized that if I want to burn fat and develop my stamina, I need cardio as well. I tried several activities such as running, cycling, etc. but I enjoyed none of them. Then I tried a cardio boxing workout regimen, and I knew that is what I want.

    I felt the burning in my entire body, I sweated brutally, and I enjoyed performing the combinations. Since that time I have bag or shadow boxing workouts at least twice a week, and I’m thinking about starting cardio kickboxing workouts. It is my favorite sport now.

    I have learned all the punches, many combos, blocking, footwork and the best is that it forces me to do other cardio activities such as running and jump roping to be better at boxing. I’m inspired by the greatest fighters such as Roy Jones.

    I’m sure that this type of training is one of the main reasons why I have lost almost 50 pounds, and my condition is better than ever before. I believe boxing exercises are among the most powerful ways to burn calories.

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    How to start?

    Firstly, you need to learn how to throw the punches correctly. These are the jab, cross, uppercuts and hooks. Once you are familiar with the punches you can start practicing the basic combos. You also need to learn the right standing position and some basic footwork.

    Here is the video that helped me a lot about how to punch accurately and how I should use my body.

    What do you need?

    For beginners shadow boxing is enough to start, so there is no need to buy any equipment, maybe a jump rope. Jump roping is an excellent way to boost your heart rate. It is a perfect activity to develop your cardiovascular system and to warm up.

    If you want more then you need to invest in a bag, bag gloves and hand wraps. Heavy bag workout routines are simply killer! They boost your stamina and cardiovascular system. They burn fat efficiently and strengthen all the muscles. I strongly recommend investing in these things. They are not so expensive but you can have the most efficient boxing exercises at home.


    Is boxing a good cardio workout?

    Of course! Just think about the boxers. They have great looking lean body. They can move and punch for 8 or even 12 rounds. There is no better proof than that.

    It works your lower and upper body. It is especially great for shoulders and legs. Because your torso has to rotate a lot, it works your core and helps to get rid of belly fat around your abs and hips. Boxing for exercise is an all in one training and it even helps to get rid of stress.

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    Best Cardio Boxing Workout Routines

    This is a beginner workout with the fundamental moves and body weightexercises such as squat which is an exceptional combo. You can include kicks if you want.




    Boxing Circuit Workout

    It is a 40 minute fat burning workout with various exercises. It is not easy at all and you have to move all the time. This is an excellent routine to lose fat!


    Boxer Babe 10 Minute Cardio

    Want to practice the punches you have learned and try some combos? Then this 10-minute intense cardio routine is for you.


    20 Min At Home Boxing Workout

    This is a 20 minute routine presented by two trainers combined with body weight and ab exercises. I did this when I was a beginner.


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    20 Minute Heavy Bag Cardio Workout

    This boxing workout video is an excellent presentation about how to use your heavy bag efficiently. This type of workout is not about punching the bag like mad staying at the same position.

    You should move all the time. Imagine the bag is your opponent. Hence, you need to move to protect yourself and find the best points to punch at.



    More boxing workouts for beginners

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    There is no question that boxing as cardio is exceptionally efficient. It helps to burn calories fast, tone and strengthen various muscle groups at once, develop stamina and it is even good against stress. Try the cardio boxing workouts above and you will see what I’m talking about.

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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

    5 thoughts on “Want to Burn Fat Quickly? Do Cardio Boxing Workouts!”

    1. Does boxing helps an obese person too in losing weight? And if it does then what is the easy way for them to do push ups if they had never done push ups?

      1. Of course, it can help a lot. Firstly, you have to learn the basics of boxing, such as proper stance, punches, etc. The best way to practice is shadowboxing. If you can’t do push-ups yet, you can start with easy variations such as wall presses or incline push-ups and practice until you do high reps. This way, your muscles will be ready for doing regular push-ups. Check out the push up progression for beginners guide here. Of course, to get rid of obesity, you should also switch to a healthy diet.

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