9 Best Dip Stations in 2020 – Buying Guide

Last Updated on the July 22, 2020

Within this guide, I’m going to show you the best dip stations available on the market today. What can you find here?

So, if you want to buy a dips station for home, this guide will help you to find the best one for your fitness goals.

Let’s start.

Dip Station Comparison

Best BuyBody Solid GDIP59
Body Solid Body Solid GDIP59
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Very stable
  • High design
Ultimate Body Press
Body Solid Ultimate Body Press
  • 350 lb capacity
  • Portable dip stand
  • Easy assembly
Fuel Pureformance Fuel Pureformance
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Angled dip bars
  • Easy assembly
Fuel Pureformance Yaheetech
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Commercial
  • Heavy-duty construction
Lebert Fitness EQualizer Lebert Equalizer
  • 400 lb capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
Lebert Fitness EQualizer ProsourceFit Stand
  • 400 lb capacity
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
Titan Fitness Titan Fitness
  • 750 lb capacity
  • Great design
  • Tall
Titan Fitness RDX X1
  • Gym quality construction
  • Wall-mounted
  • Vertical knee raise

Dip Station Reviews

1. Body Solid Commercial Dipping Station – Best Buy Even for Pros

Body Solid gdip59 dip stand


Who is it for?

The most robust dip stand on the list perfect for even advanced athletes. It has an angled and wide giving exceptional stability. Oversize 1-3/4-inch diameter dip bars that are rubber covered for safe training.


If you are willing to pay a little bit more and you are searching for a sturdy equipment that stands even heavy usage (500lbs), Body Solid dip station is the best unit you can put your hands on.

Since it is a commercial graded product, it is made from the most durable materials and built for long-lasting usage. With that, it suitable for even professional users who, besides their own weight, want to use weights for extra resistance. You do not have to be afraid of any breaking or wobbling.

The stability is perfect since it has a wide basement and non-slip foot stickers. Stability is crucial, mainly if you are heavy or use heavy extra weights for your training. Plus, it is very annoying when the stand moves here and there during the exercise.

Also, the Body Solid dip station has a high design. The uprights bars are 53 inches from the ground. This way it is suitable for tall men and lets the user go deep without touching the floor with his knee. Hence, it provides a full range of motion, and if weight plate is used with a chain, it does not land on the ground.

Finally, the dip bars expand as you go towards the back of the padded handles. This is useful since with a wider grip you can focus more on your chest muscles. While with the narrower grip you can train better your triceps.


  • Very well-built steel construction.
  • Minimal assembly
  • High weight capacity 500 lb
  • Extra thick rubber grips for comfort and safety
  • Angled dip bars for natural dips.
  • Rubber feet for stability.


  • Because it is high, shorter people may need a step stool or something like that to go up to the starting position. But some use the crossbar instead.
  • The boxing is not the best. Customers complain about scratches.

Though the price is high, you will get a dip station for your home gym that will last forever and provide a great user experience. No matter what your fitness level is.

2. Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand – Portable

portable dip bar



This is adjustable strength training equipment with 2 width positions. This way you can tweak it to your height and others in your family can use it. It is also folding so you can store it easily.


The Ultimate Body Press dip station has a sturdy frame that provides stability and rigidity. Hence, it can handle up to 350lbs. Body Press dip bars are made of a thick tubular 1.5-inch heavy gauge steel tubing and the frame and angled foam grips are best for working out the triceps and chest.

The design provides good performance for a wide range of exercises, including triceps dips, knee rides, L-sits and inverted pull ups. You can do assisted dips and include a dip belt for even more load.


  • Unique patented design with a coded color assembly.
  • Stable and light hence can be moved around the home.
  • Foldable hence you can carry it with you wherever you want.
  • Angled foam hand grips which puts less strain on your joints.
  • Easy to assemble as you don’t need any tools.
  • Best portable dip bars.


  • It is not good for tall people, i.e. above 6.5 feet tall.
  • Heavier guys complain a little bit of wobbling.

People who have bought this dip stand love it because it is easy to assemble, portable, and you can perform various activities with it. The cost is worth, and it can be used at home. Hence, no need for gym membership.

This is an excellent dip station that can be used at home and people with limited floor space. It is lighter equipment for individuals who like mobility, i.e. doing a workout in front of the TV, outside or while on vacation.

3. Fuel Pureformance Station with Rings

Pureformance dipping station



A versatile deluxe stand to perform more types of bodyweight exercises. The dip bars are angled outward and thick for ergonomically proper dips. It is solid but not too heavy to relocate.


This deluxe dip station is made from thick steel with solid bolts and has a powder coating finish with blue and gray coloring making the equipment long lasting and durable. The sturdy frame can hold up to 300 pounds while remaining stable when in use.

Pureformance designed to add versatility to your workouts. The angled foam grips design enables one to perform chest and triceps exercises efficiently. It also has two Olympic rings which are suspended from the dip bars. They help in performing suspended chest flies and movements that challenge the triceps.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Olympic rings which are removable.
  • Light enough with a sturdy design.
  • Angled grip bars to allow you perform a number of activities.


  • People who are tall, i.e. above 6 feet may find it shorter for them to use.
  • Not best for doing vertical knee raise.

Most clients like this machine due to the availability of the rings as it offers significant benefits to their workouts. The price is worth the outstanding item which is made to last for a long time. Fuel Purformance alternative calisthenics equipment to be used at home, especially if you don’t want to go to the gym.

I would recommend it for somebody who wants to add suspended exercises in their workouts, and you can remove them to do other training.

4. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Stand

Yaheetech dip station



A stable and heavy-duty station with a high weight limit. But, the distance between the dip bars is 25″ inches, which is a bit wider than usual. Hence, it is recommended for tall guys.


It is well built with a sturdy frame that holds up to 500 lbs. It is made of 2’’ by 2’’ steel, and good for tall men. Hence, it allows them to do alternative exercises why they can’t do with another dip bar. It has extra support under the arms, hence offers a rock solid feeling as you work out.

It has an angled design that is meant for all users, and they can perform any type of exercise targeting the shoulders, triceps, and delts without the need of adding weights.

The good

  • A sturdy frame, strong steel construction.
  • Best for tall and bigger people as it has a larger size with the dip bars wide apart.
  • The station has thick angled bars and oversized knurled grip for a comfortable hold and reduces slipping.
  • Affordable.
  • Commercial rated exercise equipment with high weight capacity.
  • Rubber feet.

The bad

  • Requires a lot of time to set up.
  • Short and lean people will have a difficult time making some moves due to the wide gap between the dip bars.

Most buyers say this product suitable home gym equipment and it was worth the purchase.

This is as simple dip bar but offers you the opportunity of doing a wide range of exercises. If you need a fitness dip station that will last longer then get this one because it has a high load rating hence more people can use it.

5. The Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer – The Most Versatile



Since the set has two individual bars, you can use it for a wide range of exercises and tweak it to your height. But, because of that, it is not as stable as fixed dip stands.


This fitness station has two parallel bars which weigh 8 pounds and can support up to 400lbs body weight. It is possible to do more repetitions with high intensity without having to adjust the dip bars. They also help in doing self-spotting exercises where the user uses his legs to perform various training.

This is multipurpose fitness equipment that comes with a home workout DVD, Lebert Equalizer Bars, and a Laminated Poster. The DVD helps you perform a lot of exercises that work on the core, arms, chest, and back and you use your own body weight as resistance. You can perform stretches, L-sits, pull-ups, and push up too.


  • The dip station comes in four awesome colors i.e. black, yellow, green and purple, which give it a unique appearance.
  • It can be stored anywhere because it doesn’t have a fixed frame and easy to stack.
  • Light in weight hence can be carried anywhere.
  • Suitable for all ages and levels.
  • More versatile and easy to assemble
  • Among the best portable dip bars.


  • Not suitable for tall people, i.e. over 6 feet.

Customers say that this is simple multipurpose equipment that is best for strength training and the DVD is also helpful to most people when doing their workouts.

If you want a full fitness program, then this is the best portable dip station to get. It can help you perform different home workouts with the aim of building muscles, losing fat, body strengthening, and athletic conditioning.

6. ProsourceFit Dip Stand




Portable and affordable dip stand for shorter users.


The ProsourceFit dip stand is an affordable item that suits the needs of an average user. It’s portable and easy to store. We can adjust the height from 31 to 35 inches, which is useful to set for our height. However, that adjustable height is slightly shorter than other dip stands, so people who are taller than 6 feet may not have enough space at the bottom to get a full range of motion. Hence, I don’t recommend it for taller men.

The steel construction is very durable and has a high user weight limit, which is 400 pounds. So, we don’t have to afraid of breakage. Prosourcefit dip stands aren’t as stable compared to dip stations with a fixed frame. We experience minimal wobbling. The basement is also adjustable, and a connector is available to attach the two single dip stands. That feature gives better stability to the product.

The width of the dip bars is 24 inches with pads in the middle. The grip is comfortable and secure. But the pads are quite short, so people with big hands should be careful to avoid slipping of the palms off the pads.


  • Adjustable height (31-35 inches).
  • Excellent stability, thanks to the adjustable bottom bars and connector.
  • Solid iron tube construction.
  • 400 weight capacity.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Affordable.


  • The non slip Foam grip padding is short.
  • Short for tall people

7. Titan Fitness HD Dip Station

Titan fitness



Portable, heavy-duty stand with high capacity.


Titan Fitness is the manufacturer of many excellent home gym equipment, and they put together a well-built a dip stand at an affordable price.

The key feature is the 750 lbs real weight capacity that it offers. That means even the most massive guys can use it safely, and it’s a sign of durability and solid construction. Despite the robustness, it’s easy to relocate.

To improve the stability of the dip station, the bottom is wider than the top, and it has a one-piece design. Plus, stabilizing pads are added to the base, which also protects the floor. A minimal rocking is still experienced, though.

The top bars are fully covered with ergonomic foam handles, so it gives a safe grip. Although it’s not adjustable, 3 feet tall, so perfect choice for big guys to workout with.


  • High weight capacity (750 lbs)
  • 3 feet tall
  • Handles are fully-covered with non-slip padding.
  • Affordable
  • Stable (broad base, stabilizing pads)


  • The Assembly manual isn’t easy to follow.

8. RDX X1 Wall Mount Dip Bar

RDX X1 wall-mounted dip bars



Professional and versatile dips bars.


A wall-mounted dip station is an excellent option if we have some space on the wall in the garage or home gym. We can save a lot of space with it. However, a suitable wall and proper installation are required.

The RDX X1 is a well-designed product for many reasons. It’s a heavy-duty construction made of high-grade steel with bar support. The length of the dip bars from the wall is 26 inches, so we have enough room for dips. It’s equipped with leather arm pads with shock resistance foam inside and vertical bars. Therefore, we can use it for leg and knee raises.

Also, since we need to install it, we can attach it to the wall with the optimal height and width.

Related: Best wall-mounted dip stations for home.


  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Requires a small space.
  • Versatile workout (can be used for leg raises)
  • Adjustable height and width.


  • A solid wall and correct installation are required.

6. Stamina Outdoor Fitness Multi-Use Station



This item is covered with a special paint that makes weather resistant. Also, it is very robust and stable so suitable for pro users such as weighted calisthenics workout.


In case you prefer working out outdoor, then you need equipment that is protected from the sun and the dust. This Stamina product is made with that in mind.

This dip station is a versatile piece of equipment since you can do not only dips, but also traditional and incline push-ups, inverted rows, and knee raises.

Compared to the other models here it has a more robust structure, but a bit more pricey, but it is going to be a useful part of your garden.

What to Look for when buying

If you are considering buying a fitness dip station for your home gym, it is important to check out for the following:

  • Check on the overall load rating and make sure it can support your weight. A free standing dip station should have a high loading weight so as to be able to support the heaviest user and also if you are going to be adding weights in your workouts.
  • It should have a solid support base to keep it steady and reduce toppling over as you do the dips. The base should be wider rather than narrow, and some will have stabilizers installed to allow it to remain stable on any surface. Instability will lead to injury.
  • The frame should be made of heavy duty steel with a heavier gauge to ensure durability. The metal surfaces should have a corrosion resistant coating to prevent bars from rusting and make sure it lasts for a long time. Some dip bars have paddings but if the bars don’t have an adding buy weightlifting gloves to avoid blisters.
  • Look for a dip station exercise equipment that will allow you to add extra attachments such as resistance bands, weighted belts to be able to perform different exercises and get the maximum benefits of strength training.
  • It should be light in weight, which means that it is portable. Hence being able to take it wherever you want. You should also be able to store it easily after your workout. Some dip stations can be folded while others have to stack up for storage so choose whichever is suitable for you.

Alternative Equipment?

If you want to do more than dips power towers are maybe a better option for you. Although, it needs more space and a bit more pricey. But, I believe it is the best home calisthenics equipment.

Dip Exercises & Benefits

Dips have a lot of benefits if they are done in the right way. Some of the benefits of having a dip station at home include:

Build strength

When doing dips, you are targeting the upper-body muscle groups, especially the triceps which helps in extending the elbow joint and when you push out, you work on the anterior delts and upper chest.

Other muscles worked on are the latissimus, levator scapulae and rhomboids which regulate the movement of the scapula. Working these areas continuously results to firmer and stronger muscles hence building strength.

parallel bars dips muscles worked

Perform compound exercises to engage a lot of muscles

With dip bars, you can do compound exercises that require movement of many muscles and these results to the development of multiple muscle groups. The muscles engaged are the chest, shoulders, and forearms and this starts from the time you lower your body and then raise it up as this provides excellent resistance against the gravitational pull your body experiences. Compound exercises are beneficial for strengthening and toning muscles.

Best for developing the V-shape

If you desire the V-shape on your back, then dip station is the best equipment to work on. When doing dips, you are building the upper body physique and frame and also encourages the pectoral muscles to stretch themselves while lowering yourself.

You can move it around

It is portable hence can be moved around quickly whenever you want to work out. There is no need of moving your furniture or a lot of space because dip bars use a small space and can easily fit in the corner the room after use.

Cost effective

A dip station is cheap to buy, and a small piece of equipment that doesn’t require much work to assemble. Cost-effectiveness is also felt because you don’t need to pay gym membership which is usually expensive and you can perform the same exercises at home.

This workout equipment can be used to do various dip station exercises such as:

  • Straight bar dips which emphasize on the triceps and chest muscles.
  • Leg and knee raises, leg swings to focus on the legs and abdominal muscles.
  • Modified pushups which focus on the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Modified pull-ups which target the lower back lat muscles, shoulder and biceps muscles.


How to make a dip bar?

If you are a techie guy who can construct things, it is not hard to put together a dip station for home use. The structure of the equipment is not complicated. You can make it from wood or heavy duty steel. You can find a good tutorial about how to build a dip station here.

Isn’t it better to get a power tower?

Well, power towers provide more possibilities to have bodyweight workouts since it comes with a pull-up and vertical knee raise section. But, it costs more and needs more space to use and store. Check this post if you are interested in the best pull up dip station reviews.

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