What is the best exercise equipment for bad knees?

what is the exercise machine for bad knees

A lot of people, if they have problems with their knees, because of an injury, being overweight or arthritis, try to “protect” it from everything.

One of my friends did the same after an injury. He tried to avoid knee pain, and he used his other leg instead. In the end, it took him a lot of time to recover, and he had problems with the other knee because of the increased stress.

I do not want to blame anyone, because it hurts. However, sometimes we have to suffer a little bit to reach something much better.

If you have problems with your knees doing the right types of exercises can help you much. Exercising strengthens your bones, joints, and muscles speeding up healing processes.

Obviously, you should avoid high-impact exercises and do low-impact ones that do not put such stress on your knees. Start slowly and carefully, and increase the resistance and intensity little by little.

Fortunately, you can choose from various machines that help to strengthen your knees.

Always consult your doctor before starting to use any machine or exercise program.

Best exercise machines for bad knees to have at home

1. Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent bike is the right choice for those people who have such severe conditions that even walking for a long time is hard for them.

Also, compared to the upright bike, you can sit in an ergonomic seat which makes exercising even safer and convenient. Hence, it is also better for the back.

Because the recumbent exercise bike provides such a safe environment, it is widely used for rehabilitation. It can be adjusted in several ways to find the optimal position and resistance.

Perfect choice for seniors, obese people and people with severe knee problems.

2. Upright Stationary Bike

It has the same benefits as the recumbent bike, but it is not as comfortable to use. Sitting on it requires more control from the upper body. Plus, sitting up and getting off is a bit more complicated as well.

Otherwise, the upright bike is useful since we can choose from various levels and provides a safe low-impact workout.

3. Treadmill

The treadmill is also called a running machine. However, it a very beneficial exercise equipment for bad knees to have low impact walking.

Modern treadmills come with very safe shock absorption belt (running/walking area). This way walking on the treadmill is safe protecting your knees.

Also, you can choose from a wide range of walking programs, and the handlebars give even more safety and support.

4. Elliptical Machine

The elliptical trainer is another useful knee exercise machine to strengthen our joints. With the help of it, you can get a low-impact cardio workout. It put a little bit more stress on the knees, so it is better to use later in the healing process.

I have read a lot of times that people experience hurting knees while working out with elliptical. In most of the cases, that comes from the incorrect usage. You should not lean forward while using it, keep a good posture.

5. Rowing Machine

The rowing machine provides the most compound exercise. It works almost every muscle of the body. Also, it has cardio and strength training benefits. But, rowing seems to be a movement that engages the knees too much.

Well, yes, if you do rowing incorrectly according to arthritis.org. A typical poor form is when the user in the drive phrase just use the power of the legs. 60% of the power should come from the legs, 20% holding the core and 20% from the arms at the end of the motion.

Also, modern rowing machines like Concept 2 lets you choose from various resistance levels. So, you can tweak it to your level. Start with the lowest level, and gradually increase the speed, resistance and time.

In my opinion, the rover is also the best home fitness equipment for weight loss.

6. Other alternatives

If for some reasons, you do not want to use the mentioned exercise equipment that is easy on knees, you can try water exercises or maybe swimming. The water decreases the stress on every joint of your body. It is a good start for rehabilitation.

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