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What Are the Best Muscle Building Exercises

    In this article, we will be going over what the best muscle building exercises are, based on how efficient they are, the risk versus the reward ratio, as well as the lifting experience that is necessary to complete each training safely to build muscle groups.

    We will sort the exercises by muscle group, and explain the safest way to complete each workout. The different moves and styles of practices for those who are new weight lifting, as well as those who are advanced weightlifters will also be detailed.

    This article should be a guide to help you take your workouts to the next level and to show you what the best bodybuilding movements for men are to stay healthy and bulk up.

    Let’s start with a great infographic that puts everything together.

    Chest Muscle Building Exercises

    Your chest is one of the most defining features of any man. You must use weight training workouts to build up your chest to its full potential.

    For the beginning weightlifter, who does not have the experience or the strength yet, the most effective workouts are dumbbell bench presses.

    The dumbbell bench press is easy to learn and does not require a lot of equipment. You must lie down on a flat bench and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands, resting on either side of your shoulders. You then lift, hold, and then come back down.

    For the more experienced weightlifter, the best weightlifting exercises will be the pec deck. Many people call it the butterfly and can be done with machines at the gym, or on your own with free weights.

    Hold your weights in your hands and spread your arms to their maximum wingspan, and then bring your arms together in front of you, repeating as necessary.

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    Biceps Exercises for Mass

    The best biceps building exercises are similar for both experienced and inexperienced lifters. The most significant difference will be whether you complete the exercise with free weights or not, and how much weight you choose to use for this training.

    Curls are one of the best ways for anyone to build muscle. You can do cable curls on the machines at the gym, or you can use free weights, dumbbells are recommended.

    Take the weight in your hand and extend your arm, holding the weight palm up. Bring your arm back up to your shoulder and repeat as necessary.

    For those who have not had a lot of experience lifting weights, you should use lighter weights and do fewer repetitions. For those who have more experience and more strength, you can use heavier weights and complete more repetitions.

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    Tricep Exercises for Size

    If you want to build massive arms, you should not forget about your triceps. This muscle group is the largest one on your arms, and it takes place in a lot of exercises. Hence, it is crucial to strengthen it.

    The best triceps exercises are dips for muscle mass and strength. For muscle definition and strength, I prefer the activities with dumbbells, but cable moves are also beneficial.

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    Forearm Exercises for Mass & Strength

    Many people think that there is no need to train the forearms since they are engaged in triceps and biceps exercises. However, a firm grip is crucial to perform moves like the deadlift, pull-ups, and other exercises with free weights correctly and efficiently. Besides, massive forearms look great.

    Do not neglect them!

    Bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups strengthen the lower arm and grip efficiently, but there some unique workouts with free weights as well.

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    Abs & Obliques

    Getting six-pack abs is one of the biggest dreams of men. However, it is not mainly about the abdominal workouts you do, but your nutrition. If your stomach is covered with fat, you can only get rid of it by being on a proper diet. Cardio workouts can also help to burn more calories.

    Moreover, most people do abs exercises that are inefficient such as simple crunches and a lot of sets and reps. Quality is more important than quantity. Activities such as various hanging leg raise, bicycle crunches, and stability ball moves can bring far better results.

    Exercises for Leg Muscles

    When looking at the best exercises to gain muscle, you cannot ignore your legs and thighs. Focusing on the upper body is easy, but you must never forget also to include exercises that work your lower body as well. Squat and its variations are vital exercises to build muscle since they affect the entire body.

    The best exercise for thighs for beginners is goblet squats. To complete a goblet squat, hold a kettlebell with both hands, and keep it at the top of your chest. Spread your legs apart, and squat down, still holding the kettlebell at your chest. Repeat this move as necessary.

    For more experienced weightlifters, the split squat is one of the best ways to continue thigh muscle growth. For this exercise, place one of your legs on a flat bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Then, bend the standing knee down, bringing your body down while keeping the weights at your side, and one leg still on the bench. Bring yourself back up, and repeat necessary, always remembering to switch legs and do the same repetitions on each side.

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    Muscles Building Back Exercises

    To complete the look and the feel of a well-muscled man, you will need to work out the muscles on your back and your mid-back in particular. This will help you appear more balanced, as well as feel more balanced.

    The best workout for beginning weightlifters to work this part of the body is the rack pulls, which are also known as partial deadlifts and pin pulls.

    To complete this move, set up your power rack, and place the bar on the pins. Position yourself in a deadlift position and place your hands at a shoulder’s width apart on the bar. Face forward and pull up until you are standing upright. Return the bar, and repeat as necessary. This will help you build up your back muscle, and create a stronger foundation for continuing to weight lift.

    If you are looking for more of a challenge and are not new to weightlifting, rows will be the best move for you. You can complete either dumbbell, barbell or cable rows, whichever is your preference.

    To complete a dumbbell row, you will need a flat bench and two dumbbells. Place one leg on the end of the bench, keeping your upper body parallel to the floor. Use your right hand to hold yourself on the flat, and with your right hand, pick up the dumbbell from the floor, and lift so that your angle makes a 90-degree angle. Lower your arm back down, and repeat as you desire.

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    Shoulders Exercises to Build Delts

    Along with your mid-back, your shoulders are the basis of much of your weightlifting. Whether you are a newcomer or a pro, you should make sure to add muscle building exercises that focus on your shoulders.

    One of the best ways to begin, for either beginners or veteran weight lifters, is with reverse flyes.

    For this exercise, you will want an incline bench and two dumbbells. Lay flat on the incline bench, holding the dumbbells in your hands in front of you with your arms straight ahead. Extend your arms perpendicular to your body, holding the pose for several seconds. Return your arms in front of you, and repeat as often as you want.

    To differentiate for beginners versus professionals, you can add and remove the weight that you use for the move. Beginners should not use heavy weight when they first start and slowly add more weight as you gain strength and more experience.

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    Now you know the best exercises for building muscle. Includes these moves into your workout plan.

    Keep in mind that your muscles develop when they rest, so let them time to recover, especially if you are a beginner.

    Furthermore, proper nutrition is critical, as well. You need to consume more protein each day to feed your muscles and not just by consuming various supplements. A nutritious eating plan with real foods is vital for health.


    James Wright

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