The Very Best of Health & Fitness | 2016 July

very-best-of-health-fitness-2016-julyAnother month passed, so as usual, it is time to share with you the most useful posts I found online in July. Since, it is summer time we may be more willing to neglect workouts and eat little bit more junk because of being on holiday, but I think it is forgivable. It is the time when we can really enjoy ourselves, and everything is about us.

But still, find the golden middle way. Do not ruin in a month that you have been working for long months before.

So, here are the best articles, videos and others that I found informative and that are worth to check out.

Workout & Exercise Tips

Have you ever tried a punching bag workout? If not, it is time to give it a shot. This type of training is excellent to burn calories quickly, develop your endurance and even release stress. You can read a good guide about it here.

Well, someone loves it others hate, but Pokemon Go is a huge fad now. I think, collecting Pokemon is a great activity to be outside. Walking is a mild way to keep yourself fit. But what about collecting Pokemon while you run? It is a funny and enjoyable cardio for sure. Read how to do it here.

If you do not have time to go to the gym, but want to build muscle and be strong, a pair of dumbbells at home is enough. Here is an excellent full body workout routine as an example.

Running is proved to be the most beneficial exercise that works all part of your body, develops your cardiovascular system and even good for your brain. But if the weather is bad or you live in a place where running outside is not the best option, then a treadmill can be a useful equipment for home. They are not cheap I know, but you can find information about the best treadmills under $1000 here.

Are you interested in bodybuilding? Then, who would be a better tutor than Arnold Schwarzenegger? Find his bodybuilding tips from A-Z here.

I love the street workout, and I believe it is the best training to build lean and functional muscle strength. People who do bodybuilding and street workout like competing with each other. Here is a video from the Strength Wars 2016 series where two guys compete. Who was the winner? Watch the video.


Finally, if you like me, who want to build a complete home gym at home, you may find my comprehensive review and comparison of the best cable crossover machines here. And you can see what are the best workout machines for seniors here in case you want to buy something useful for your granddad or mom.

Healthy Eating & Diet

I know a lot of people who think that healthy eating is expensive. Firstly, health is the most important thing in life. So, why they care about money? Secondly, it is not true at all. You can have healthy foods for less than $50 per a week. Learn how here.

Marshmallow is not among the healthiest foods for sure, particularly the ones you can buy in stores, but you can make your own ones that are going to be far better. See how to make it here.

Most of the women suffer from cellulite, but by eating and neglecting certain foods you can get rid of it faster than you think. Read our post about how to get rid of cellulite naturally here.

I have always been a veggie lover even when I was a kid, but it is not true for my children. When they see a few pieces of broccoli or carrot on their plates, they run away as if they saw a monster. But, some tricks may help you to force your kids to eat those veggies. You can learn them here.

If you check out the people in the streets you can see there are so many individuals who have belly fat. It is not only bad-looking but also dangerous for health. Getting rid of it is not easy for sure, but these tips may help.

Losing weight is mainly about consuming the right type and amount of foods, but we should not forget about exercising. Not everybody likes hard workouts, particularly those who have a lot of extra pounds, but pool exercises can help to start. Check out a sample routine here.

Also, here is a yoga routine that can also help to burn calories in a mild way.


Wellness & Health

Happiness does not come from the air. You have to “work” for it. Picking up and taking off a few habits can help you to feel better in your skin each and every day. Check out our post to learn the secrets of being happy.

Pokemon Go, if you do not go mad about it, is a great fitness and mental activity. It can even help people with mental health issues to feel better.

There is no question that air pollution is one of the most dangerous environmental problems that affects health in several ways. From this post, you will learn how it harms your health.

Music can be used in several ways to get a better mood, to be inspired and motivated, to relax, etc. But a study has proved that it even fights mental illness.

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