The Very Best of Health & Fitness – April 2016


It is unbelievable in one month summer is here. Hooray! So, if you have not started yet, it is time to get in shape. Don’t worry in two months you can change your figure a lot. Just start now!

Since April is over, it is time again to share the best posts I have read and shared this month about working out, health and diet. I hope you will find them as useful as much as I did.

Workout & Exercise Tips

Don’t you like running but want to burn calories and improve your endurance? Jump roping is the solution for you! Here is a 10-minute routine you can start with.

Everybody knows that regular exercising has so many benefits on health. But, did you know that it also develops your brain? From the article “How different kinds of workout influence your brain” you can learn more.

Guys, sometimes we a need motivation, right? And who could be more inspirational than wrestlers? Check out the “13 Workout Routines Of Wrestling’s Greatest Bodies” article for inspiration.

I hope you do not neglect leg training like most guys do. Some people train their legs with 1000 reps.


Getting six pack is one of the biggest dreams of those who has just started working out. Is there a secret getting them? From our post the “The Best Six Pack Abs Secret! It’s Not What You Think” you can find out.

Summer is here girls, so it is time to shape your legs. This at home leg workout can help you with that.

If you prefer calisthenics, then you will find this post about the hardest bodyweight moves truly motivational.

And finally, here are seven excellent tips on how to boost your bench press. From this post, you can learn a few secrets of the best powerlifters.


Healthy Eating & Diet

Healthy eating is crucial not only to keep your body healthy but your mind as well. Watch the video how it helps you.


While garlic is a little bit stinky, it is a superfood. Learn what are the health benefits of it here.

Are you that kind of person who always want to chew something? Here are some proven tips from us about how to stop food cravings.

Do you want to eat something that is low in calories, under 500, but delicious? Here are ten recipes to try.

Do you have enough protein? And how do you know if you don’t? Here are seven signs of lacking protein.

One of the reasons why we eat so much is the portions we have. You can read about the “portion problem” here.

Do you want to start a low carbs diet? Wait a little bit and read what are the advantages and disadvantages of it here.

And finally, check out how people feel after being on a raw diet for a week.



Health & Wellness

Do you know what chakras are? Where are they and what do they do? Our guide to the 7 chakras teach your everything about them.

I think there is no people in the world who do not use even little cosmetic products. But what happens if you stop using them? This article tells you.

I know a lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure, but there seven herbs that naturally lowers it.

Herbal teas are the pure gems of nature. Check out which are the best 10 here and what are their health benefits.

If you ask me, I can’t imagine my life without eating meat, but I focus on having only healthy ones. This infographic shows you which are the healthiest meats. (Source)


Have I missed something? Share with us in the comment section below!

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