The Very Best of Health & Fitness – December 2015

This is going to be the first post in the series I would like to start now in which I’m going to share the best health and fitness posts and videos I find each month.

Each and every day we are bombarded with junk or rehashed information, so it is hard to find the goodies. My aim with this new series is to show you the best stuff out there that provide real value, and I loved.

So, here it is, the best fitness & health stuff of December 2015.

Workouts & Exercising Tips

Everybody knows that cardio is the best way to lose weight, and it has so many health benefits. But it is also a fact that a lot of people do not like it. What should you do if you are among them? Read the “How to Stay In Shape When You Hate Cardio” post on

Another interesting article about the cardio training I found is why interval workouts are better than traditional cardio on

There is no question that HIIT is the way to go.



I’m a big fan of calisthenics. I try to spread this type of workout. However, it is usually criticized by weight lifters that it is impossible to build strong legs with it. “The Do-Anywhere Leg Workout” video on proves that it is not true at all.

What can be more motivational to get six pack abs than learning from the man who has the best-looking abdominals in the world?

Here is the workout routine of Lazar Angelov (get his book with proven tips here)


Do you sit at your desk long hours each day like me? Then you know how bad it is. Here are 6 yoga exercises to do at your desk to relieve tension.

And finally, a great post for those who do not like running. – 10 Easy Exercises to Burn More Fat Than Running.

Healthy Eating & Diet

For me, it is so hard to go to bed with empty stomach. But here is the solution! A bedtime drink that that burns fat.

We know that fish oil is so rich in omega-3, but a recent study has proved that it does more than that. It turns fat storage cell into fat-burning cells! Amazing, isn’t it?

Breakfast is so important. But did you know that by consuming the right type of foods in the morning, you can burn fat all day long? Here are some fat burning breakfast ideas.

Do you need some motivation to lose weight? Then, this list is for you. These people are the perfect examples that everything is possible with dedication.

And finally, an interesting article that discusses if your healthy diet could make you fat.

The study suggested that dieters may be mistakenly eating a lot of some foods, like tomatoes, that are good for most people, but bad for them.

Health & Wellness

Did you like coloring when you were a kid? I loved. I spent hours with it. It made me so relaxed. Did you know that it is an excellent way to meditate for adults as well? Here are “18 Free Coloring Pages For Adults”.

Christmas is here. It is the time when we give and help more to others. Don’t you feel yourself better when you see the happiness on other people’s face? Then, why do not we help more in the rest of the year? Helping others will make you happy as well.

Recommended: How Helping Others Can Help Keep Stress In Check

It is a fact that most of the diet programs out there are useless or even worse, dangerous. They do not work because we are all different. We have a different body type, needs, habits, routine, etc. What if your body tells you what it needs, just we need to hear it? The “Conscious Eating – Your Body Knows Best” post on discusses this topic.

That is all folks! I hope you will find these posts and videos as useful as me. And if you find something that should be mentioned here, please share in the comment section.

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