The Very Best of Health & Fitness – February 2016

Another month has almost passed, so it is time again to gather the best stuff I saw in February. Fortunately, winter is almost over. Hooray! So, it is time to prepare for the summer time. I’m sure the following fitness, weight loss and health tips from us and others will help you to be in your best shape for the next summer.

Workout & Exercising Tips

I’d like to start my list with a unique way for women to shape their abs. If we think about abdominal training, it is usually associated with hard and tedious moves on the floor. Here is an easier, yet efficient method: “Ballet Exercises for More Toned Abs

Who else wants beautiful, v-cut shaped six pack abs, guys? I have put together a guide in which you can learn the most beneficial exercises and find workout routines to sculpture you lower abs. Check out here: “How to Get V-Cut | Best Lower Abs Exercises & Workouts

Don’t you like working out alone? Would you like to take your workout sessions to the next level? Do you want to train with your spouse? Then you should read the “Team Up: 5 Full-Body Partner Workout Moves to Try ” post.

Everybody knows that cardio workouts are necessary to burn fat and to develop the cardiovascular system. However, did you know that it has so many other health benefits? From the following infographic, you can learn all the reasons why cardio training is so beneficial.


A medicine ball seems to be such a shallow and old-school equipment, doesn’t it? But it is a powerful tool to strengthen and tone your entire body at home. I have gathered an extensive list of exercises and workout routines you can do with medicine ball here.

Here is another post from us in which you can learn how you should walk to burn more calories with less time. Do not underestimate the power of walking! It is a mild but healthy way to lose weight.

Beside the flat stomach what girls want are toned tights and butt. This hard, yet incredibly efficient workout will help you to reach them.


And finally, we have put together a detailed guide for those who want to purchase exercise equipment for home. From this post, you can find out what could be the optimal fitness equipment for you and why.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

One of the main reasons why most of as overweight is that we take in too many carbohydrates. Although, there is a long list of foods you can consume without guilt since they are low in carbs. Check this list: 120 Zero Carb Foods List + 4 Day Zero Carb Meal Plan

I have never been the fan of “magical” weight loss products, and I will never be. I believe permanent weight loss can be only achieved by turning into a healthy lifestyle. And this article “Man given two weeks to live after taking popular weight-loss product purchased online” just strengthen my belief.

Drinking enough water each day is vital for health, and it is also a healthy way to lose weight. Have you ever heard about the water therapy for weight loss? You can read more about it here.

I have just started following the Casey Holmes Youtube channel in which she vlogs about her weight loss journey. Motivational, plus you can learn many beneficial weight loss tips from her. Check it her latest video below.


If you want to lose weight, then you should pay attention to your dinners. Here is a great guide on what you should and should not have for supper.



Belly fat is troublesome to get rid of, isn’t it? If you want to know why just read this post: The Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

And finally, here is an article in which you can learn why having organic food is the only way to be healthy. Be careful with the products you can buy in the stores!

Health & Wellness

There so many ways you can be healthier. One way is to have the right things. Curejoy has collected the best 100 tips on what to consume to give your body what it needs.

Do you meditate? If not, you should try it and make it a habit. Just read this article why it is so beneficial to you: How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

Are you always tired, full of stress, and you feel you need some pampering? Then, I recommend you a massage therapy. There many types of massage and it has many health benefits. Read our detailed guide to massage therapy here.

And what could be a better source for mental development than the Bible. Here 7 Bible Verses to Battle Stress.

Have I missed something from this list? Share with us in the comment section under.

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