The Very Best of Health & Fitness – March 2016


Finally, spring is here. I was so fed with those cold days, and I feel much more energized now because of the sunshine.

Since March is over it is time again to gather the best posts I found and shared this month on weight loss, fitness and health. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Workout & Exercise Tips

I would like to start my list with Jay Cutler’s chest workout tips. There are no guys in the world who do not want to get bigger pecks. His tips may help you to get better chest training in the gym.


Summer time is almost here, girls. So, it is time to flatten your tummy if you have not started it yet. The following routine will help to shape your midsection, and to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. (Credit)

Click to see the workout


Do you want to try something new? Have you ever sweated out with a sandbag? It is not only a killer exercise but much more exciting than lifting weights. Here is our ultimate guide to working out with the sandbag.

Don’t you have time to go the gym to develop your upper body? Do not worry; this push-up workout routine will do magic to it.

Are you among those guys who only pay attention to upper body training? Big mistake! You do not want to look like Johnny Bravo, do you? From our detailed guide “The 15 Most Powerful Leg Exercises with Barbell” you can learn how to train your legs for size and strength efficiently.

If you think yoga is for ladies, think twice! It has numerous health and fitness benefits. It is even a useful activity to boost your metabolism. Here is a 30-minute workout.


And finally, a post for those who want to workout at home. Here is the review of the best 10 home gyms you can buy under $1000 and worth every penny.

Healthy Eating & Diet

Did you know that most of the people’s bodies are acidic because of the foods we usually consume? And that is bad, really bad. But there are certain foods, especially fruits, that can help you to alkaline your body. Here is the list of the best ones at

Healthy eating and alcohol consumption do not match, do they? Believe or not there are health benefits of having alcohol but only with moderation. You can learn about the health benefits of alcohol here.

There is no doubt that nuts and seeds should be part of a wholesome diet. From the post “Top 10 Healthy Nuts and Seeds You Should Eat Every Day” you can learn which are the most powerful ones.

We have been talking about antioxidants here, but if you have problems with your eyes, here are the ones you need.

If you are on a diet and go shopping, I’m sure you are always seeking for products labeled as low fat. But you must be careful! Those fat-free products do not always help with losing weight. Check out this infographic to learn more: Misleading ‘Diet’ Foods, What to Look Out For!

FoodNetwork is one of my favorite websites to find healthy recipes. They collected the most popular ones here: “’s Top 20 Most-Saved Healthy Recipes“.

There has been a tremendous buzz around apple cider vinegar in the last couple of years. To tell the truth, I have it daily. But what are its health benefits? Get them from our detailed guide here: What Are the Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Health & Wellness

If you usually feel depressed, there are two simple things you can try to get rid of it. Running and meditation. From the article “Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression” you can discover how they help.

Do you suffer from a backache? I used to. Before stuffing yourself with pain killers I recommend you trying a few other alternative remedies. Read this post to learn them: “12 Natural Ways To Heal Back Problems Through Food, Massage, Exercise And Yoga“.

Are you among those people that use tons of chemicals to get rid of bacteria in you home? Be careful, they do more harm than good for you! Just browse this post from us: “You Are in Danger! Poisonous Chemicals at Home

It is hard to tell what it takes to live a happy life since each of us are different. However, a Harvard study has recently proved that there are things that work for all of us.

I’m a father of two, and with my spouse, we try to make the life of our kids as active as possible and control the time they spend with watching the screen of the TV. It is hard but a must. Do you want to know why? Read this post: “A Reconsideration of Children and Screen Time“.

All of us have bad habits. But there are ones which especially make your life worse. Want to know which are dangerous for our happiness? Read this article: “Giving Up These 15 Things Will Make You A Happier Person“.

Well, these are the best posts from us and from others I have met in March. If you think that I have missed something, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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