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Best 20 Plyometric Exercises & Workouts To Boost Your Endurance

    best plyometric exercises

    Plyometrics examples for strength training

    The bottom line of the plyometric exercises is that they are powerful and dynamic. They start with an eccentric part, then immediately, they continue with a concentric part. That means at first the muscles are stretched, and then they contract quickly.

    There are several benefits of the plyometric moves. Generally, they boost the power and performance of the muscles. As a result, you will be able to jump higher, lift heavier weights, sprint faster, etc. Simply, your body will be more dynamic and stronger. There is a good reason why professional athletes do plyometrics.

    If you combine this kind of workout with bodyweight or weight training, you get incredible results. However, keep in mind that if you worked one body part with heavy weights, the next time do not make plyometric exercises. For example, you had a hard leg day. The next time skip the plyometric training for the lower body. Of course, it is the same for the upper body.

    Frankly speaking, one of my best decisions regarding working out was when I included plyometric movements into my workout routine. I have seen great results. My endurance and cardio are far better, also my weight lifting results. And to tell the truth, I love doing these exercises as they are fun and challenging. Last but not least they are great to burn fat.

    Now you know why this type of training is so beneficial, so let's see some of the best plyometric exercises. I also added some complete plyometrics workouts as well.

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    1. Plyometric Push-Up

    push up

    Do a standard push up, but at the bottom push yourself up with a dynamic move. The aim is that your hand should leave the ground. The higher you raise, the better. But pay attention to your wrist. I usually do 8-15 reps and 3 sets, but that depends on fitness level.

    2. Clapping Push-Up

    clapping push up

    It is almost the same as the previous one. You just clap your hands. I have made a complete guide to clapping push-ups here. It is among my favorite upper body plyometric exercises.

    3. One Arm Plyo Push Up

    one arm press up

    If you are a pro, this move is for you. It needs strength and concentration for sure. You might do it by alternation your arms, or on Bosu ball as well.

    4. Depth Push-Up

    Among the plyo press ups, this is my favorite activity. If you have not done it before, first do not use high elevation. 10 cm will do. And as you develop, you can increase the height step by step. Be careful, this exercise can cause serious injuries in shoulders and arms. So, warm up and stretch before.

    Also, you can do it by elevating your feet or if you are a beginner on your knees first.

    5. Medicine Ball Upper Body Shuffles

    This practice will work your entire upper body for sure. I also love it. I have seen fighters doing it. That is why I started. It is beneficial to increase the strength of the punches.

    6. Box Jumps

    If you want to boost the strength of you lower body, this should be in your routine. Use a box that is at least as high as your knees. This way your thigh muscles will work to absorb the landing. When you start lower your thighs at a parallel position to get momentum for the jump. You will see that it has an excellent impact on your normal squats as well. It is among the best plyometric leg exercises for sure.

    7. Long Jumps

    long jump

    Start from a squat position and by using your arms try to jump as far and high as possible. When you reach the floor, bend your legs. I usually do 10-15 reps in less time as possible keeping the proper form.

    8. Stair Jumps

    stair jumps

    Instead of using a box, you can use the stairs. Maybe it is better to keep the intensity.

    9. Platform Depth Jump

    depth jump

    For this exercise, you will need a lower and higher box. Step off the first box on both feet. Then, as quickly as possible jump up to the other box.

    10. Vertical Jumps

    Jump as high as you can. Start from a squat position. When you land, jump up immediately.

    11. Jump Marching with Alternating Legs

    To improve your dynamic coordination, this practice is maybe the best. Start with jogging at a place. Then, with an explosive move push yourself with your left leg, and raise your right leg to make it parallel with the floor. In the air, hold your arms in front. By reaching the ground with your right leg, push yourself forward again. The aim is to make as long jumps as possible.

    12. Jumping on Single Leg

    Jumping on Single Leg

    Hold one of your legs in front of you, and jump forward. Help the movement with your arms. Try to hold your knee as high as possible.

    13. Lateral Jumps

    You can use a low box to jump up and down on each side. You can also shuffle.

    14. Medicine Ball Chest Throws

    There are several version of this exercise. Do it with a partner, in lying or sit up position, with one arm, overhead, etc.

    15. Fat Burning Plyometric Workout

    Workout Structure
    • 5 Plyometric Exercises
    • 10 Repetitions
    • 2 Rounds each
    • 12 Minutes Total
    You will need; plyo boxes, or a sturdy chair or stool

    16. Plyometric Cardio Circuit

    Workout Details : 1 – One Leg Glute Bridge X 15 Reps Each Side 2 – Triple Squat Jump Burpee X 10 Reps 3 – Hand Stands X 10 Reps Each Side 4 – Mountain Climbers X 40 Reps 5 – Leg Lifts X 40 Reps 6 – Hand Walk Push up X 12 Reps 7 – Burpee Curl X 12 Reps 8 – Triceps Dips X 20 Reps 9 – Splits Jumps X 8 Reps Each Side Aim Is to Finish 3 Circuits Within the 20 Minutes

    17. Torch 150 Calories in 15 Just Minutes

    plyometric circuit

    Plyometric circuit

    Burn 150 calories a minute with this plyometrics plan that uses high intensity interval training to get the fat-burning job done faster than traditional cardio.


    18. Runner’s Plyometric Workout

    runners workout

    Plyometric training program


    19. Plyo Perfection

    Plyo Perfection

    Plyometric workout routine

    20. Best plyometric exercises for speed

    More plyometric training examples

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    1. I do bodyweight and weight training, but I’ve never done plyometrics yet. I’m going to try these exercises. They develop endurance for sure.

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