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Best Pull Up Bar for Home? – Free Standing vs Mounted vs Doorway

    best pull up bar

    If you are searching for the best pull up bar, I’m sure you have bumped into thousands of bars. But, if you have never bought one before, you may find it hard to pick the most suitable for your upper body workouts.

    What are the different types of pull up bars and which is the most suitable for you? A ceiling or a wall-mounted, doorways, or a freestanding? What features you should check out before buying?

    These are questions that I would like to answer in this guide so that in the end it will be easier for you to decide.

    Before jumping into the details, a few words about safety. A pull-up bar is a very beneficial strength training equipment, and quite affordable. Though, it can be dangerous as well. If it cannot stand your weight and you fall, you can get serious injuries. So, be wise about which product you choose and be careful when you install it.

    If you are in a hurry and not interested in the detailed buying guide below, here are the best pull up bars by types.

    Now let’s check out the different sorts of pull bars. I would put them in 4 groups. Of course, each has its pros and cons.

    1. Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar Reviews & Guide

    I think it is the most comfortable to use because we have space to exercise. For example, it is suitable for kipping pull-ups if you do Crossfit. It has a high maximum capacity so that big guys or pro athletes can use it safely. Moreover, the bar is long and typically have multiple grips. Without a doubt, this type is durable, secure and convenient home gym equipment.

    The disadvantage is installation. Firstly, you need a spot on the beam which is massive enough to hold more than your weight. More because as you move it puts more pressure on the connections. And, obviously, you must be very careful with mounting!

    A proper pull is when at the top of the motion the bar is under your chin. Hence, your head should have enough space. So, check out the length of the mounting bars to know if your head will have enough clearance. The longer, the better.

    If you want to fix it on two beams, also check out the distance between the mounts to know if you can set them to the beams safely.

    To sum up, the installation is a bit complicated, and this type of home pull up bar costs more. However, once you are ready, you can enjoy an excellent workout. Best choice for anyone.


    Gronk Fitness Multi Grip Chin Up Bar

    If you need a lot of grip positions – Best ceiling pull up bar.

    Gronk Fitness - Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar


    It looks pretty interesting, right? But, that is why it is one of the best bars here. The manufacturer calls it a monkey style grip chin-up bar because of the multi holds. Actually, you can choose from 5 different grips that let you focus on a particular muscle group more effectively. Wide, narrow, hammer grip? No matter what you want to do, you will find a position.

    Thanks to the solid steel frame, the maximum limit is an incredible 800 pounds. That makes it an excellent choice for big guys who want to use additional weight for their pull-ups. Also, you can use it for hanging other home exercise equipment on it such as a heavy bag, TRX or a gymnastic rings.

    The distance between the mounting bars is 48 inches (122 cm). That length provides enough space to exercise for people with long arms and compatible with standard ceiling beams. All hardware is included, and you can reverse the frame.


    Stud Bar: Ceiling Mountable Pull Up Bar

    If enough head clearance is essential for you.

    StudCeiling Pull Up Bar


    Nothing fancy, but this bar does its job well. It fits standard ceilings securely and easy to mount. Also, Stud is trustworthy and has a high weight capacity of 600 lb.

    The only feature that makes it outstanding from the others is the length of the bars. You can choose from 3 variations, 14-22 inches from the ceiling. This way, you can get far more head clearance space.

    Last, but not least it comes with all the required hardware and easy to attach.


    Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar

    Affordable Bar for Ceiling

    Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Bar


    It is the best affordable bar with 3 different grip points such as narrow, wide and neutral to add variety to your back workout. The bar is padded with durable foam for comfy grasping.

    The mounting bars are pretty long, so we have 14 inches free space between the bar and the ceiling. Enough space for even big-headed guys like me. 🙂

    It is compatible with 26 or 16-inch joists. All the necessary hardware is included and easy to place. Finally, it is more pocket-friendly purchase.

    The only downside of this bar is its capacity which is 250 lb.

    2. Wall mounted pull up bar guide & reviews

    Wall mounted chin up bars have a high weight limit, multi positions for pull-ups and provide pleasant upper body workout.

    Again, the mounting is what makes it not suitable for everyone. If you have brick walls, it is not complicated and secure. If not, you must be very careful. Make sure that the studs are massive enough to support the load. There are a lot of tutorials online which can help you a lot.


    Rogue Garage Pull Up Systems

    Premium equipment with adjustable features



    Rogue Fitness gym equipment is the top of the top. They are not cheap, but you get gear that is used at thousands of commercial gyms and competitions. So, quality, design, and durability is not a question.

    The uniquely designed Rogue Garage pull up system can be fixed both on the wall or the ceiling. The brackets can be adjusted to virtually any space. You can anchor it anywhere as high as you want. The brackets measure 24×23″ inches with bar slots at 14″ and 22″ from the wall. On top of that, you can expand it in various ways.


    CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Chin Up Bar

    CFF Wall Ceiling Mounted Bar


    It is popular indoor pull up bar among home gym owners because of its durability, capacity, design, and dimensions.

    The width of the bar is 46 inches giving enough space for training. This size also makes it easy to attach to standards studs. Besides, the bar is 30 inches far from the wall giving enough room to exercise comfortably.

    CFF is a heavy-duty item that is equipped with commercial quality joist mounting system. The limit is 300 lb which enough for a home gym.

    If you are searching for a reliable wall-mounted bar with much space to exercise, CFF is not a wrong choice.


    Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

    Cheap and minimal bar



    If you are on a budget and do not need a professional bar, then here is another product from Ultimate Body Press. It has 4 different grip positions for workout versatility that are covered with a high-density foam padding for comfort.

    The bar is 42 inches which is a little bit shorter than usual. The clearance between the bar and wall is 14 and 21 inches which is not that much. Hence, big guys will not have much space.

    For such an affordable price, it is a good buy for an average user.

    3. Door frame pull up bar reviews & tips

    • This type is the simplest that does not require any real mounting at all. The equipment has a part that rests on top of the door frames, and there is a counterbalance piece that keeps the fitness equipment in place.
    • Best pick for you if you have no space to install a wall-mounted device or you just do not want to damage your home with installments.
    • Portable, and you can use it with almost any kinds of door frames and quickly store it when you do not need it.
    • Better models have multi-grips so that you can have a more versatile bodyweight workout. Finally, they are pretty cheap.

    On the other hand, typically they have the lowest weight capacity compared to the other types here (200-300 lb). Plus, they are the most unstable and may slip down if you do not perform strict pull-ups.

    Hence, I only recommend it for you if you are no more than 160 lb and you can perform the exercises without kipping and momentum.

    Note: It is a common question if a doorway pull up bar damages the door frame. Maybe many years ago they did, but know manufacturers add some sort of protection.


    Triple Door Multi Gym

    The best doorway pull up bar.


    Without a doubt, this is the most versatile over the door pull up bar since it comes with additional dip handles and suspension trainer. This way it is suitable for an at home full body workout doing over 35 types of bodyweight exercises.

    The pull-up station works like other exercise equipment that you can mount on the top of the door frame. You do not need anything for installation. And after your workout, you can easily store it at small space.

    Using the dip function is also a piece of cake, just hang it on the bars of the pull-up station.

    What I particularly like are the foam blocks at the end of the bars. They do not only protect the frame from damages but also give better stability for the entire device.

    Finally, it is made of heavy-duty materials, so this door gym is sturdy and has a 300 lb max capacity. And, the foam grips provide convenient and secure clutch.

    It costs a little bit more than a typical doorway chin-up bar, but it provides far more options to exercise.


    Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

    Cheap and portable pull up bar for door

    Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar


    If you are searching for a cheap yet reliable item, look no further. Tens of thousands of people have bought this Iron Gym at home pull up bar, and most of them are satisfied with the purchase.

    It gives us three grip positions and its design lets us do exercises on the floor. The manufacturer says the weight limit is 300 lb, but I think it is an overstatement (200 lb max).

    The only disadvantage of the product is that it is made for 24 – 32 inches wide doors.

    To conclude, for this price it is a good buy, but definitely not for advanced users.


    Note: Why I do not show more? Well, I know there are hundreds of other bars on Amazon, but these two has been on the market for many years. I also do not mention bars with a telescopic rod because I simply do not trust them.

    4. Power Tower – Free standing pull up bars

    A powers tower is more than a free standing pull up bar since it has more workout stations such as dip handles, vertical knee raise and even push up handles. Hence, a tower provides much more possibilities to workout. For example, besides pull and chin-ups, you can do dips that is an excellent bodyweight training for triceps and chest. Or, vertical knee raise which is very useful for strengthening your abs. Therefore, you can have a real total upper body workout.

    The pull-up bar itself comes with multi-grip options, and the maximum capacity is around 300 lb. Not as high as the mounted ones but still enough. Although, commercial graded models support far more than that.

    To conclude, if you want to do multiple types of bodyweight exercises at home, this multi-gym equipment is worth to consider. Not to mention that installation is not required, just an easy assembly.

    Note: A common complaint about power towers is that they wobble. However, that depends on the model. If you decided to buy a tower, search for one which has an extended base. Also, you can place weight plates on the bottom frame and put a gym mat under it.

    Note: I list only two products here a basic and professional one, you can learn more about power towers here.


    Stamina 1690 Power Tower

    Cheap and Basic

    Stamina 1690


    Stamina 1690 is not the best power tower, but since you are searching for a free standing pull up bar, then maybe it is for you. Compared to other models, it is lightweight and does not have a vertical knee raise station.

    But, it is cheap and compact, a perfect choice for people under 180 lb for pull and chin-ups. However, I do not recommend it for heavy guys because it is light so it may tip over. You can solve this problem by placing weight plates or a sandbag on the bottom stabilizers.

    If you only need a free standing pull up bar, then it is not a bad buy.


    Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

    The best workout tower ever!

    Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower


    It has the most well-designed frame that makes it very stable and sturdy, but you can also fix it to the floor thanks to the pre-drilled holes. It is a very sturdy construction with an incredible 400 lb weight capacity. Hence, you can safely use it for weighted exercises.

    It comes with the four traditional workout stations such us pull up, dip, vertical knee raises, and push-ups. The push-up handles are adjustable and can be placed in various positions on the upright bar so that you can do even more types of exercises like bodyweight rows.

    The multiple grip pull-up/chin-up bar is ergonomically designed and provides an excellent workout experience.

    It cost more than similar machines, but this a gym quality equipment that pros can use without any limitation.

    5. Power Rack

    If you want to build a home gym, and you do not have a power cage yet, you do not need to buy a pull-up bar since they come with it. In most of the cases with more than one. Also, the bars have a very high maximum capacity. Anyway, if you safely want to lift weight at home, a power cage is a must for bench pressing or squats.

    What features to check out when buying a pull up bar?

    Weight Limit

    This is the most crucial feature to look at. The maximum weight capacity differs depending on the type, materials used and the construction of the bar.

    Typically, wall-mounted and ceiling mounted pull up bars have the highest capacity because they are made of heavy duty steel. This type of workout equipment supports around 500 lb and even more. Perfect for big guys and advanced athletes who want to use additional weight for their exercises.

    Doorway pull up bars have the less, about 200-300 lb, which is enough for most of us.

    How can you mount it?

    How easy it is to install the bar is another factor you should consider.

    If you have tools and knowledge, or someone to do it for you, then a ceiling or wall mounted bars are the right choice.

    Note: You must be very careful with the installation. Follow the instructions and requirements of the manufacturer. I know how bad it is when you fall off in the middle of the exercise and the bar lands on you. 🙂

    If you are at bad at such tasks, like me, you’d better opt for a doorway or a free standing pull up bar (power tower).


    The Number Grip Positions

    As you probably know there are different pull-ups. For example, you can do them with wide or narrow grips. And there is the underhand chin up as well. Thanks to these variations you can focus on particular muscles better and make your workout routine more versatile.

    If you do not want to do such exercises, a standard bar will do. However, for a little bit more money, you can get a more professional home fitness equipment with multi-grip options (some has 5 options.) Personally, I prefer these since I can do more sorts of upper body exercises. For example, I love hammer pull-ups that are great for biceps and lower arm.

    How it prevents slippery

    Focusing on the proper form and doing more reps is enough while you exercise, who wants to deal with slipping? Check out if the bar has some sort of feature to avoid slippery such as knurled texture, foam grips or rubber padded grips.

    Which is the best?

    Well, the knurled texture bar is the winner for me. It provides a firm grasp, but it may hurt your palms if you are not used it. It is the most reliable.

    The rubber grip is a more comfortable option, but its slippery depends on the pattern.

    The foam padded handle is the most comfortable without a doubt, but the least durable, tend to rip off or crack. Although, it is easy to replace.


    I hope this guide has helped a little bit to find the best pull up bar for you. No matter which you pick, you are going to have beneficial workout equipment that lets you strengthen your upper body and build healthy back muscles. If you have any questions about using or buying a pull-up bar, just do it below.

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