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10 Squat Variations to Build Strong Legs

    squat variations

    Do you want to boost your lower body workout? Do usually postpone your leg workout because you do not like the squatting? Are you bored with doing the same old leg exercises?

    Then, here is a video in which you can learn several barbell squat variations and a few others that will develop not only your legs but also your upper body.

    To tell the truth, I used to be among those guys who liked focusing on their upper body workouts and who skips the leg day. What a huge mistake it was!

    Not just because my legs were weaker and thinner than my other body parts (I looked like Johnny Bravo), but because squats have so many positive effect on all other muscle groups, your cardiovascular system, and stamina. It is a must have for complete strength training, fitness, and health.

    The main reason I did not use to do leg training was that I never enjoyed squat exercises with weights. Mainly because I was not good at them and I usually performed the moves incorrectly. Hence, like other people, I said myself “It is not my cup of tea, so let’s do something else.”

    One day I was surfing on the web searching for variations, and I stumbled upon a presentation in which many exercises were shown. I got excited, and I tried them. I enjoyed each of those moves, and I felt they are the solution for my “leg workout neglecting” problem.

    For several month, I only did those “new” moves. The results were so good that leg training became my favorite workout, and now I’m pretty good at traditional squatting as well.

    10 different kinds of squats

    I found a video in which different variations are perfectly presented.


    Let’s recap the different types of squats with bar

    High bar squat is almost the same as the traditional one. The difference is that you need place the bar on the upper traps, and you should keep your knees and heels a bit more outward.

    Low bar squat differs in a way that you need to bend forward a little bit more. The advantage of this exercise is that it put less stress on your knees.

    The front squat is my favorite one. You need to place the bar in front of you on your shoulders. I like it because I should focus on not leaning forward, so I have to keep my back vertical. It has helped me to strengthen my lower back a lot.

    Split squat is pretty hard to perform correctly, and that is why there is no need to use too heavy weights. You need to keep your balance and with that several other lower and upper body muscles work together. For me, it is the hardest among the best squats variations.

    Goblet squat is perfect for beginners. You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell. The benefits of this exercise are that it forces your back to be straight and helps you to learn how to squat correctly.

    The box squat is also excellent for beginners to learn the proper form, especially how to keep your hips, lower back, and the basic squat position.

    The barbell overhead squat is a very compound exercise that needs a lot of practice since both upper and lower body muscles should work together. But that is why it is so efficient. If you have not done it before, use light weights first to learn the correct method.

    Leg squats with bend elbows. Another one that I like because it has less stress on the spine and strengthen the back, shoulders and biceps muscles as well.

    Pistol squat is surely the best among the bodyweight squat variations. It needs strong leg muscles and core to keep the balance. The best calisthenics guys do it without help, but if it is new to you, then you can use a bench or a box. Use your arms to support the movement.

    Hack squat is a unique move that is something like a reverse deadlift. It also requires practice in case you have not done it before, so do not use heavy weights at first and focus on the proper form keeping the position.

    These are the different squats I do. But there are many more bodyweight moves such as prisoner squats, with dumbbell(s) like sumo squat and plyometric moves such as jumps, leg exercises out there.

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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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