Best Suspension Trainers Comparison & Workout Straps Buying Guide

In recent years the suspension trainer exercise equipment becomes very popular and for a good reason. It lets us do hundreds of effective bodyweight exercises giving a full body workout. It helps us to build muscles and get strong in a natural way. On top of that, it does not require much space like other home gym machines or weights.

Did you know that the suspension training and the equipment was invented by a former Navy Seal? He knows what we should do to build a functional physique for sure.

And, did you know that the best suspension trainer exercises activate the core. No matter if you do exercises for your arms or shoulders, your core muscles are always engaged. So, you can build not only an attractive midsection but a healthy body balance and posture.

Personally, I love it since I can have unilateral moves that are great for boosting the strength of all the muscles at once. Plus, they train the body to work as a whole.

To sum up, getting bodyweight suspension straps for home is an excellent investment for people at any fitness level to improve their physique.

best suspension trainer reviews


Best suspension straps

The most well-known, and the first equipment on the market providing superior training experience is the TRX suspension trainer. You can get it in various packages and with extras. However, some find it pricey since the basic set costs about a hundred bucks.

Fortunately, but maybe not ethically, other manufacturers copy this system, and they have come out with cheap suspension trainers like the TRX that give the same workout opportunities.

Among them, the Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer has the best value/price ratio. It supports ‘no-rub’ cam buckle placement, exclusive lay flat handles and single/multi-point anchoring system just to mention a few features.

Which is the best buy?

Well, that depends on how much you are willing to pay. Focusing on the quality, extras and available packages, TRX is the winner. But, Body Press should be suitable for most of the people as well.

However, I put together a more detailed comparison, reviews and buying guide below showing you more models.

Overview of Best Buy Suspension Trainers

1. The Original TRX Suspension Training System – The Most Professional

trx suspension training equipment kit
TRX training system

TRX was created by Randy Hetrick a formal Navy Seal who wanted to make a strength training equipment that naturally develops the body. Various packages are available in which fewer or more extras are available such more types of anchors for indoor/outdoor or workout programs.

Each package comes with a suspension anchor and a door anchor that let us fix the system indoor or outdoor quickly. But, the PRO versions come with a TRX extension strap giving you extra length when you want to attach the system to high anchor points or thick vertical anchor points such as a tree trunk.

The TRX suspension straps come with two convenient and non-slipping suspension trainer handles with two foot cradles.

The straps are adjustable with the help of buckles that you pull up and down on the band to find the optimal length for your height or for the particular exercise. The adjustment is quick, so the modifying will not disturb your workout.

The recommended maximum weight capacity of each version is 350 lbs, but the manufacturer tested them up to 1400 lbs. So, you do not have to be afraid of ripping.

Each kit comes with some sort of TRX straps workout guide, but the more expensive packs give more home gym videos, exercise guides, and printed materials. However, there are tons of free sources online.

We are talking about lightweight workout equipment that you can install easily almost anywhere, very versatile and comes with a pull-string carry bag. So, you can take it outdoor or when you travel. You will never miss your suspension trainer workout.


  • Quick installation anywhere
  • Very high maximum capacity
  • Lots of workout guides (book, DVD, application) depending on the set.
  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great user experience


  • Expensive, particularly the PRO packs.
Read more TRX training system reviews at Amazon
356 Reviews
Read more TRX training system reviews at Amazon
Without a doubt, TRX is a good purchase, but the better packages with extras cost quite a lot. For most of us the TRX GO portable suspension trainer, the basic kit, should be enough.

2. Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer – Best Buy TRX like straps

suspension fitness equipment
Workout straps with handles

If you find the TRX system overpriced than this exercise equipment will be more sympathetic for you. Even if it cost half or less than TRX, it does not lack any professional functions. It also comes with innovative features that cannot be found in other trainers. Firstly, it has lay flat handles that provide a more comfortable and secure grip so that you can focus on the exercise better.

The straps are made from incredibly durable and sturdy high-grade military webbing supporting hundreds of pounds maximum load.

Thanks to the “no-rub” buckle placement system adjusting the length of the straps is a piece of cake. Plus, the extra wide 6′ heavy duty straps are index stitched so that you can easily find the needed adjustment on both suspension training straps.

Another professional feature is that it has been designed in such a way that when you exercise the trainer follows the motions of your body. Hence, it provides a natural training environment.

Anchoring the system is easy as well. You can quickly attach the individual workout straps to any bars. You can also use the utility strap for a vertical post like a tree trunk, or for using the straps from a center point. You also get an S-hook which makes it easy to install it on the door. Hence, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Finally, you will get a workout placard with 26 illustrated bodyweight exercises.


  • Great price/value ratio
  • Comfortable workouts (following the contours of your body & handles)
  • Multiple ways to anchor it
  • Quick adjustment
  • Easy to set
  • Exercise guide


  • Few buyers had problems with the strap adjustments.
  • No video material
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Check out more reviews about Ultimate Body Press at Amazon
This resistance trainer is the best buy thanks to its competitive price, professional features, and the excellent user experience. The best alternative to TRX suspension trainer.

3. NOSSK HOME Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer – The Cheapest

nossk workout straps
Fitness suspension kit for less money

Just like the other trainers on the list, NOSSK is a very versatile strap gym equipment that can be attached in various places. You can anchor it to a pull-up bar, overhead mount, or the doorway.

What makes it outstanding is the door attachment comes with extra padding, so you do not have to afraid of damages.

The exercise straps with handles are made from 1st-grade military webbing and tested up to 1000 lb, but it is recommended to use up to 300 lb. The length of the adjustable straps is 8 feet, quite long so you can choose from various setting and suitable for tall guys.

Since it comes with a double strap attachment, you have more space to exercise between the suspension bands. This is useful especially if you do push-ups.

It only comes with a guide on which 18 most beneficial gravity exercises are presented.

Get more details about NOSSK workout straps at Amazon
58 Reviews
Get more details about NOSSK workout straps at Amazon
If you are searching for a cheap suspension trainer, without unnecessary extras, NOSSK is a good buy for you.

4. Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Review

Jungle Gym comes with a split anchor point design, and you can quickly change the distance between the two points. This feature lets you do more types of exercises depending on your fitness level or to target specific muscle groups more effectively.

The gear comes with ergonomic non-slip handles and foot cradles that give you save grip to focus only on the exercise. The 8 feet long heavy-duty industrial suspension straps are easy to adjust from 16 to 94 inches to find the optimal length for your height and the activities.

However, the plastic length-adjustment latches are not the best. Some customers complain about durability and breakage and with that slipping. So, if you are heavier than average, I would not recommend it for you.

With the suspension trainer system, you get exercise poster and DVD. And you can find some workout videos on youtube that help beginners to get started with suspension training.

Jungle Gym has two anchor point attachment straps that you can fix to almost anywhere inside or outside. The split anchor design enables not just more types of personalized exercises, but also you can do single arm or arm practices with a partner at the same time.

Check out the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT at Amazon
This tool is cheaper, and its split design makes it a versatile gear. Also, it comes with all accessories you need for training. But, the inline adjustment buckles must be improved by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide

What are the benefits of suspension training?

If you look around this website, you will see that I’m a great fan of bodyweight training or so-called calisthenics. I switched from lifting weights to this type workout a few years ago. Why? Because I wanted to improve my functional strength naturally.

Has my “project” been successful? YES! Calisthenics has helped me to get much better overall strength, supported my weight loss and boosted my endurance.

And, you will get the same results from suspension training as well. It is a natural and effective training building you a body that looks not only good but also strong and functions as it should.

Other benefits that should be mentioned:

  • Portability, workout whenever you want – As you see above each trainer comes with various mechanisms to anchor the equipment in different places. You can work out in a room, but you can also go out attaching it to a tree. Portable and lightweight.
  • Providing workout for any level – A bodyweight trainer lets you doing hundreds of suspension system exercises at various levels. Also, you can alter the activities for your fitness level by changing the position of your body. For example, if you are a beginner, you can start with incline push-ups when you almost stand, and as you develop, you go deeper.
  • The ultimate core trainer – The trainer gives such an environment that forces your body to keep its balance and stability. Hence, your core muscles (abs, obliques, lower back, hamstrings) are always activated to synchronize your lower and upper body. If you want six pack abs, the suspension training equipment will be your best friend.
  • Maximum isolation with single side unique exercises – I can hardly tell you other gear which is so suitable and safe for unilateral training.
  • Improves your flexibility – In the negative phase, your muscles are stretched.
  • Total body training – You can choose from a lot of movements to work your lower or upper body with bodyweight exercises.

More about the TRX benefits here.

What to look for when buying

The most important is your safety, so check the following.

  • The maximum load of the system stands. The higher, the better. It should be at least 300 lbs.
  • How easy it is to adjust the workout straps. It is very annoying when we cannot change the length quickly.
  • Where you can anchor the equipment. Door and bar anchoring is the minimum, but getting an extension for (ceiling) vertical anchoring is recommended.
  • Handles. They should be non-slip and convenient for your palms.
  • Keep in mind that, some products come with door anchors which may scratch the paint. Check the customer reviews.

To sum up

A home suspension trainer is without a doubt excellent fitness equipment which is versatile, compact and helps to develop safely. Plus, they are not as expensive like other home workout machines. If you have questions, feel free to ask below.

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