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What Is the Best Way to Change Your Workout Routine?

    In most of the cases, a typical gym-goer always does the same split workout, and he tries to increase the amount of weight to keep the development. Then, when he gets bored with it or thinks he does not develop anymore, he starts thinking about how to start a new program or change the existing one.

    If you have ever checked articles about muscle building, I’m sure you met with the advice that it is recommended to modify the workout program every 3-4 months.

    But what is a workout routine? Typically, it is a program when we match different muscle groups. For example, on a particular day, you train your biceps and chest.

    When we feel that the old plan does not work anymore, we usually set up a new program by matching different muscle groups. So, instead of strength training your chest and biceps, you are going to train your chest and triceps on the same day.

    And most of the people think there is going to be a considerable change in development. But, in most cases, that is not true.

    But if it does not work? What is the solution?

    You should understand that your muscles will only develop if they get such a load that they are not accustomed to.

    exercise plateau

    The load should be increased in a positive direction, or there will be no stimulation for growing.

    This way, think about it. If you modify your workout plan and change just the muscle groups, will you get that extra load that is required for growing?

    The answer is no. You will do the same exercises in the same way with the same amount of weights, reps, and sets. There is almost no change.

    This is why changing your workout program is good for nothing, even if you add an extra day to the strength training.

    Typically, nobody likes to alter the number of repetitions, lowering or increasing it, since he is so used to the comfortable 6-8 reps.

    Also, most of the gym-goers do not like changing the intensity. It is not typical to slow down to make a few seconds negative phase. And that is the same for increasing the intensity, which has proven to have many benefits.

    Some people think that by drastically increasing the amount of weight will help to get bigger muscles. They try to imitate the powerlifters, so they do a few badly-performed exercises with large loads risking to get a severe injury.

    To conclude, there is no need to change the muscle groups or your entire workout plan, just change how you train.

    Ideas to Change Your Workout Routine

    • Increase in concentration.
    • Reduce the pace of the negative section.
    • Reduce the overall speed of movement.
    • Increase the number of reps, even to extreme heights.
    • Use supersets and giant sets to increase the intensity.
    • Vary the rest periods.
    • Build your plan on the three essential powerlifting exercises.
    • Combine everything.
    • Use different equipment.

    And these are just a few examples.

    If you have done 10 repetitions, raise it to 15. It is going to be beneficial, even if you should use lighter weights because you have increased the load, and that leads to better muscle stimulation.

    If you just modify the muscle groups and the way you workout is going to be the same, you will not give your muscles that they need to get bigger.

    Hence, the next time when you want to create your new workout routine, instead of changing the muscle groups, focus on the way you workout. Finally, do not forget that what works for others may not suitable for you. So, test to find the method that works for you.


    Why should I change my workout routine?

    I think there can be four reasons.

    1. You are incredibly bored with it. If you feel you have no motivation and do not feel that excitement while you train all the time, it is time to change to get your motivation back.
    2. If your primary goal changes. Having a goal why you workout is crucial, but in some cases, we want to reach something new. For example, you started lifting weights because you wanted to get bigger muscles. But now, you would like to develop your strength or get leaner. To reach that new goal, you should alter the method you work out.
    3. If what you have been doing stopped working. This is maybe the most important reason. If you have been doing a routine for a rather long time and you see almost no results, then that is a sign to start something new.
    4. Injuries. This is obvious.



    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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