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What is the Best Workout for Your Body Type?


    Guess what ! Arnold’s body type was?

    If you are a bit familiar with bodybuilding, you know each of us comes with different body type. Some of us are genetically muscular while others are thinner or fatter, and they respond to workouts differently.

    But it is also a fact that we cannot say that we have only one particular body type, it is usually the combination of two.

    However, if you want to be successful with muscle building or any other type of sports you should tweak your eating habit and work out for your type in order to get the best results. It is not as difficult as it seems.

    Hence, the first step if to discover which group you are in.

    Are you an ectomorph, the skinny guy who can eat almost everything without gaining weight but have to work out a lot to see results?

    Are you a mesomorph who looks well without going to the gym and after lifting weight for a short time he sees results?

    Or are you an endomorph who only eat a little but gain weight and look like a bear?

    From the following video, you can learn what are the typical characteristics of each body types so you can decide in which you are.

    No matter which group you are in there are advantages and disadvantages. But cons can be easily remedied with proper training and eating plan.

    Now let’s talk a bit more about the right workout for your body type.

    Ectomorph Body Type Workout

    The advantage of this type is that they have a fast metabolism. Hence for them, it is harder to gain weight in the form of muscle mass or fat but it is also hard for them to put on fat.

    If you are among the ectomorphs, you should neglect fat burning cardio workouts. Focus more on strength training, especially doing compound movements such as deadlift, squat and bench press that exercise several muscle groups at once.

    The number of reps should not be too many 6-8 (maximum 10) is optimal. For most of the skinny guys lifting heavy weight works the best. And studies have proved that leg workouts are efficient for gaining weight.

    Besides, your workout sessions should intensive and short in order to avoid burning too many calories and with that weight loss.

    What is crucial for an ectomorph guy is the right type of nutrition. They need to take in more protein, healthy carbs and fatty acids. They should focus on taking in more calories daily and eat at every 3 hours during the day.

    Sample routine.


    More tips for ectomorphs


    Mesomorph Body Type Workout

    If you are in this group, you are maybe a luckier than others since you have an athletic looking genetically, and you can gain muscles faster and easier. But you must be careful since you can easily pack on fat as well if you do not eat properly.

    Therefore, you need to do both strength training and cardio workouts to burn fat.

    The optimal amount of repetitions are between 8-12, and it is advisable to do split training to maximize the results.

    Cardio is essential not only for burning the extra calories but also helps to improve the endurance.

    Most of the fitness experts suggest doing high interval training for mesomorphs. It is vital to find the balance between cardio and strength training to build lean and tones muscle mass.

    Finally, they must be careful with eating well since they are more tend to put on fat. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial for them as well.

    Here is a sample mesomorph workout.


    Endomorph Body Type Workout

    Do not be sad if your are in this group since it has many advantages. These guys are the big and strong ones who can quickly put on muscles and, unfortunately, fat as well. Just think about heavy lifters.

    If you are among endomorphs it crucial to focus on your calorie intake and do cardio to burn fat. You should have more cardio weekly and less strength training.

    However, this does not mean you should not care about lifting weights. Strength training is still necessary, just increase the number of sets and repetitions up (10-15).

    The diet is critical. Have the right amount complex carbs, protein, fatty acids and consume more fiber rich foods. If you want to lose weight your should get rid of processed foods and others that have no nutritional value but high in calories. Those are your worst enemies.

    More tips.


    To sum up

    Now you know how to workout for your body type and what you should pay attention to. Apply these tips to your workout routine and you will see they work.

    However, as I mentioned before we cannot be put into one particular group, usually we are the combination of two or even three. Thus, it is crucial to test yourself what works for you the best and what not. Tweak your exercise plan time to time that is what the greatest bodybuilders do as well.

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