The Ultimate Guide to Biceps Training


For most of the men, who are dedicated to bodybuilding, biceps training is the favorite workout.

Who else does not want huge and great looking arms, just like a massive chest? I remember when I started working out regularly many years ago, I was always checking my arms.

I’m a lucky guy since genetically I have huge and strong upper-arms, so even if I do not work so much on them, I see excellent results. However, they are not the prettiest ones; they are just large.

Genes are important, but it does not mean you cannot build huge or/and beautiful biceps. You just need to utilize the right type of exercises, sets and reps. All of us come with different-shaped biceps but with a proper and steady routine we can sculpture them.

Within this post, you will find several biceps training tips on how to develop your muscles in several ways based on your aims. – to build ones like Arnold had 🙂


Developing Mass

If you want to get bigger muscles, you should lift big weights. The recipe is simple like that.

The best exercises to develop the biceps mass is heavy barbell curls and cheat curls. Let’s say you can do curls with 80 pounds, your aim should be to increase the weight up to 100 pounds. The harder your muscles work, the bigger they are going to be. Plus, we must not forget about the strength and forearm development.

If you want to increase the outer sickness, you need to do the biceps curls inward toward the center of your body. You can achieve it by using close-grip instead of normal grip. You can do concentration curls as well, but you need to bring the weight to your chest.

In case you want to improve the inner thickness as well as the mass, you can do the following exercises beside standing barbell curls. Hammer curls, seated, standing or incline dumbbell biceps curls, learn more about the best dumbbell exercises for biceps here.

Another important technique is to visualize yourself having huge arms as it is recommended by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Do you want huge arms? Learn the secrets here.

Here are some more tips.


For Better Definition and Separation

In case you want to make your biceps more beautiful, there are several techniques you can utilize.

Firstly, you need to do supersets or even trisets and use as many exercises as possible, especially dumbbell ones. Dumbbell moves allow you to train your biceps from a various angle and support maximum isolation.

If you want to build higher muscles, you need to perform pumping workouts, mainly with dumbbells or cable. It is crucial to focus on the muscles as much as you can and flex the muscles at the top of the motion. Concentration curls with dumbbells or cable are especially good for making them high.

And what if you want longer biceps? To achieve it, you need to do exercises that support the fullest extension of the muscles. So the key is stretching. Do curls and focus on the lower third of the range of motion. Preacher biceps with free weights or on a machine is especially beneficial to target the lower part of the biceps, but you should lock your shoulders and elbows.

Need more tips? Check the following biceps workout guide


I hope these biceps training tips will help you to improve you biceps workout. Since everybody comes with different body type and muscle shapes, you have to discover yourself what works you and what not. Therefore, test the various exercises for some time and pick ones that work and neglect those that do not.

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I found an excellent picture on that shows the biceps muscles in details, and give tips on how to train these various parts.

biceps-anatomy and training

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