Blood Type Diet Plan Review

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blood-type-diet-reviewThe blood type diet plan is based on the book of Peter J. D’Adamo called Eat Right 4 Your Type. In his book you can learn the basis of eating right for you blood type.

D’Adamo claims that the most important factor of weight loss and healthy dieting is consuming certain foods based on the type of the blood of a human. He believes that if we have foods that match our blood group it is much easier for the body to digest. Therefore, the result will be weight loss, better health condition and prevention against several common diseases.

In his book, he talks about that he has made several researches that have proved that this sort of regime works and can get great results. Although, other third party studies have not been, and most of the scientists of the nutrition field are skeptic if a special diet for blood type works.

From the following videos you can learn what this regime is about.


What sorts of foods we can eat

Type A

D’Adamo thinks that people with blood A has sensitive immune system. Therefore, it must be strengthened by eating huge amount of vegetables and fruits and as less meat as possible. In their diet, almost all types of veggies and fruits can be found as well as whole grains. So, he suggests for these people consume valuable carbohydrates and less protein.

Types B

In this group, people can have almost everything except some foods. He thinks that people should avoid eating wheat, corn, tomatoes, peanuts and whole grains. He recommends consuming some sorts of lean meat, eggs, low-fat diary and greens.

Type AB

He claims that people with AB has lower stomach acid level. Therefore, they should avoid eating foods that have the negative impact on the level of the acid. He thinks people of this group should not consume alcoholic beverages, caffeine, smoked meats. They should have veggies, various seafood and dairy products.

Type 0

He says people with 0 are the hunters. Hence, they should have protein-rich meals such as lean meat, fish, dairy products. They should avoid ones that are high in grains.

If I talk about myself, I see some truth in his system. I have blood type 0, and I have always been a typical meat eater. I love eating various meats, and I never have stomach problems from these dishes.

On the other hand, I do not like sweet things such as cakes and cookies, and if I have some, I usually feel myself badly.

The following chart provides detailed information about the foods that are allowed.




  • If we check the list of the things we can consume, no matter what sorts of blood group we are focusing on, the recommended meals are healthy ones. Vegetables, fruits and beneficial carbs are almost always suggested.
  • The blood type diet also prevent people to eat processed products and drinks, which is also a good point.
  • He also recommends regular exercises such running, walking, jogging. Regular workout is always good.


  • There is no scientific evidence that there is a link between the blood type and the diet we eat.
  • There are some pretty weird statements and theories in the book that makes me a bit more skeptic.
  • Removing one sort of nutrient from a regime is not recommended at all. For example, the food list for As contains almost no protein rich foods.
  • Several nutritious foods are avoided which must be included in a healthy diet.
  • It is boring for most of the people since several foods you may like should be avoided.

Does diet for your blood type work ?

It may work since several foods are eliminated which are unhealthy and can cause obesity, but not because of the blood type of the dieter.

There is no question that there are far worse diet plans than this. You may give a try for it since it does not need extra expenses, but in the long run it does not work. There are far better weight loss plans out there.

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Because there are no scientific proofs behind it and boring.

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