Do You Want to Stop Working Out? Don’t Do It! Here Is Why!

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what-happens-to-your-body-when-you-stop-exercisingWe all hear about how important physical exercising is, for our organism and health. If you realized that you need to exercises to lead a long and happy life, keeping illnesses away, it is the best thing you ever did for yourself.

But if you stopped working out, thinking that it is enough what you did up to this point, you have to know that your assumptions are wrong. Even if you did reach an ideal physical shape and condition, you should keep exercising to maintain it, as it will bring health benefits continuously.

Perhaps knowing what happens in your body when you stop working out will give you sufficient motivation to make exercising a constant part of your lifestyle.

In the first three days, nothing bad will happen yet because the body will enjoy the slight break and use it for repairing and recovering muscular tissues. This is why fitness instructors and trainers will not recommend intense workout every day of the week. After a complete workout session, you should give your body a day or two to rest. You should do the same even if you jog, exercising one day while resting the other, and so on.

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But if you don’t train for a week, things start to slowly but surely decline. The first aspect that starts to head towards a downward slope is the cardio resistance. If you manage to develop excellent cardio endurance up to this point, one week is sufficient to break it down.

After the passing of two weeks, you muscles will start suffering. The muscular fiber will start shrinking, losing its solid structure and resistance. Also, your body will start retaining water as well.

After one entire month passes, it is very likely already to have more fat mass than muscle mass. Your whole physical aspect will shift. Psychological issues will also appear, like increased levels of stress and even trouble sleeping.

Starting with the passing of three months or more, your metabolism will stop functioning as it once did, slowing down and not burning properly all the calorie intake. Your heart and lung functions will also decrease, and you will constantly feel tired, even if you did not make any physical effort.

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If you let an entire year pass by without any exercising, it will be hard to recognize your physical aspect and performance you once had. A lot of fat tissue will be accumulated while the muscles and metabolism continue on the downward slope. And believe it or not, you are facing serious risks of developing blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, type II diabetes and even depression, just to count a few.


We were designed to be active beings, so the lack of physical exercising will make us ill. If you started on this road, including exercising in your lifestyle, do not stop. It is okay to take a few days of break, if the situation requires it, but resume the physical activities as soon as possible before it is too late.

Even if months pass by, you can still make it back, although you will have to work your way just like you did it in the beginning. So don’t let time pass by without some exercising, for the benefit of both your physical and mental health.

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