Bodyweight Ab Workout Routine for Six Pack

bodyweight ab workout

Have not time going to the gym? No matter! You can build six pack abs at home without any equipment at all. You can do bodyweight ab workouts that are very beneficial to grow your abdominal muscles. Furthermore, you do not even have to train for a long time, even a 10-minute session is enough. And you can do it almost everywhere.

The only rules for a plan are to make it intensive and a total workout that targets each part of your abs. You can get higher intensity by adding a few cardio moves to the program and having only a little rest between the sets.

However, if you have belly fat, then I have bad news for you since an ab workout will hardly help to get rid of it. For weight loss, you need to modify your diet and do cardio to get a calorie deficit. If fat goes, the muscles appear.

Want to see a good example? Here is an excellent bodyweight core workout routine from Thenx that meets all the criteria above. He says it is a beginner level, but I believe it is so intensive and complex that is maybe better for intermediate level people.

Check the video.


Bodyweight ab exercises in details

You need to do each of the exercises for 45 seconds with the 15 seconds rest between this way the plan is intensive keeping your heart rate up.

  1. High knee taps: It is an underestimated move for abs, but actually it works them very well. On top of that, it is a great cardio exercise. While you do it, tighten your abdomen and regulate your breathing.
  2. Russian Twist: By twisting torso we can target the obliques (side abs) better. He lifts his legs up so that it works the entire core. If you find it hard, then you can place your feet on the ground for easier control.
  3. Leg raises: simple yet powerful exercise to target your lower abs. Place your hands under your lower back/butt so that you can focus on your midsection. Keep your legs extended and straight during the entire motion. When I do leg raises, I usually lower my leg much slower to work muscles in the negative phase. Also, at the top, I stop for a moment and squeeze my abs.
  4. Hip raises: Want to target your upper abs, then do this. Not pretty hard, but the correct form is fundamental. If you do not feel your abs, you do it poorly. I prefer doing hip raises rather slowly so that I can focus.
  5. Flutter kicks: This exercise, even if it seems to be not so hard, perfect for strengthening your core, particularly the lower abs which area is the hardest to shape. Also, because we can do it fast, it boosts your heart rate and helps burning fat.
  6. Plank knees to elbow: My favorite total core training plank position with some extra targeting for the oblique. It is excellent for love handles. Control the motion, do not use the momentum, and squeeze your midsection. Sometimes when my knee touches my elbow, I stop for a moment and tighten my oblique for a moment.
  7. Chair sit up ups: Yes, sit-ups that everybody says is bad. Then, why the best athletes in the world, do it? This is an enhanced version since you have to hold your lower body up (knees bent) for extra resistance. The suggestion to imagine as if you want to touch the ceiling is great to sit up higher to get a more extended range of motion.
  8. Seated in and out: To get the benefits of this bodyweight exercise for abs, proper form is crucial. Always keep your core tighten and do not use the momentum. It is better to do it slowly until you get used to it.
  9. Jumping jacks: A perfect finisher. Get the maximum out of you to boost your heart rate and burn calories.

That is all!

Depending on your level of fitness, you can change the length of the sets and do more rounds. But a single circle itself is enough for a full ab training.

If you are still skeptic if you can get abs with only bodyweight exercises, here is why you do not be. Your muscles develop because of resistance training, and your fibers do not care about where the resistance comes from. Hence, it can be your own weight.

On top of that, bodyweight moves are compound. Therefore, besides the primary targeted muscles, many other stabilizer muscles are activated as well. That is a more natural movement than isolated exercises. Finally, there are a lot of practices and variations to choose from making your ab workout more versatile and personalized.

Interested in more similar routines? Check out the best calisthenics ab workouts here.

So, if you want to build six pack ab at home, try this bodyweight ab workout routine. Do it 3-4 times a week, and I’m sure you will see the strength and size development. And, tell us how it worked for you.

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