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+20 Bodyweight Exercises With Bench

    bodyweight exercises on bench

    Do you have a flat weight bench at home? Well, you can use that equipment not only for doing weight exercises but for bodyweight exercises as well. You can perform plyometric workouts or use it to add extra resistance to traditional exercises such as the push-up.

    This way you can add variety to your existing workout routine or create a plan that only contains weight bench exercises. You will see that you do not need fancy equipment to train your lower and upper body or perform exercises that will boost your endurance.

    From the following video made by Redefining Strength, you will learn over 20 bodyweight bench exercises for full body workout. After watching I’m sure you will come up with more training ideas.



    1. Box Jack

    Jumping up and down the bench is a great cardio plus it works your legs well.

    2. Step Down

    If you want to shape your glutes and quads, just do this exercise. It also works your core since you have to keep your stability.

    3. Hop Overs

    Well, this is a hard move for sure, but it is great to improve your stamina and burn fat. It works almost every muscle of your body at once.

    4. Step Ups

    Another powerful workout to shape your legs and butt.

    5. Box Jump

    You do not need a plyometric box just use your weight bench for jumping up and down. Box jump is a vigorous plyometrics workout.

    6. Explosive Step Up

    If you feel step up is too easy for you, just do this variation. It will make you sweat for sure.

    7. Box Shuffle

    Another excellent plyo exercise, though for me it is hard to perform correctly because I do not usually find the right rhythm.

    8. Single Squat to Bench

    Single leg squat (pistol squat) is an advanced calisthenics move that requires practice. This exercise is perfect for progression. Of course, it will make your legs very strong.

    9. Crunches

    This move works your lower and upper abs well, but since you have to keep the proper position all the core muscles are engaged.

    10. Bodyweight Bench Dips

    The dip is a convincing bodyweight upper body exercise. Mainly it works your triceps. If you cannot perform it on the dip station with full body weight, this exercise is great to prepare for it.

    11. Balance Lunge

    The lunge is an efficient movement to strengthen and shape your entire lower body, but it also works your core since you have to keep the balance.

    12. Leg Swings

    Want to focus on your butt? Just do two-way leg swings.

    13. Incline Mountain Climber

    Mountain climber is a two in one exercise. It works your abs, and it is also a cardio activity, so it helps to get rid of belly fat.

    14. Decline Mountain Climber

    It works not only your abs but your chest and shoulders as well since you are in a push-up position.

    15. Off Bench Climber

    Are you bored with the traditional plank? Make this move that will strengthen not only your abs but also your shoulders, arms, and chest.

    16. Decline Push Up

    Push up, and its variations are the king of the bodyweight upper body exercises. By being in a decline position your push up will be harder, and you can focus on the top part of your chest.

    17. Incline Push Up

    If you cannot do push-ups correctly yet, pressing up from incline position is perfect for progression. The higher you are, the easier will be to perform the move.

    18. Side Plank

    The side plank is a perfect training to make your oblique and hips strong, but by placing your legs on the bench, it will be much harder.

    19. Push Up Walk

    Another push-up variation for those being on a higher fitness level.

    20. Reverse Hyperextension

    The Roman chair hyperextension exercise is the best to build strong lower back and spine muscles that are required for any workout. If you do not have a Roman chair at home, then this move will do.

    21. Glute Bridge

    Another bodyweight exercise that is excellent for ladies to shape their glutes and hamstrings.

    22. Off Bench Leg Lowers

    If you want to add an extra boost to your abdominal muscles, then do leg lowers. It is a hard move which is the basics of the Dragon Flag (you know the abs exercise performed by Bruce Lee.)


    It is amazing that how many ways you can use a weight bench to do bodyweight exercises, isn’t it? And do not underestimate the efficiency of these moves! They will make you very strong. Also, they help to improve your endurance and burn fat since most of them are compound exercises. So, get your weight bench (plyo box) or find a flat bench in the park and have a fabulous full body training.

    Interested in more bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment? Look around in our calisthenics category.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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