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Best Bodyweight Biceps Exercises for Strength and Mass

    bodyweight biceps exercises

    Typically, when we think about biceps workout, the first thing that comes into our minds is lifting a heavy barbell or dumbbells.

    Yes, these sorts of movements are efficient, but what if you do not want to use any weights at all since you only want to work your arm by doing bodyweight exercises.

    Generally, calisthenics compound moves strengthen and tone arm muscles, but there are several surprisingly powerful bodyweight biceps exercises if you want to focus more on that muscle group.

    In this post, I have collected some of the best bicep exercises without weights as well as workout routines.

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    Top 3 Most Effective Bodyweight Biceps Exercises

    This is my favorite video on this topic. As you will see this guy has great looking arms and in this video he shares with us how he builds them.

    What sorts of training he does? Simple pull ups, one arm pull ups for better separation and bent arm back lever. Unfortunately, these are not the best moves for beginners.

    How to pump biceps without weights

    This guy shows as more, not so common movements such as lateral chin walks, head bangers and one hand chin ups with support.

    I found head bangers truly efficient and I have already included it in my routine.

    One hand chin up with support is suitable for beginners.


    How to get bigger biceps without weights

    More types of exercises presented by Baristi Workout.

    Besides the pull ups, chin ups, they show us inverted rows with overhand and underhand grip and close grip pull ups.

    They also suggest doing static holds for 5-10 seconds in various positions which are useful for muscle building.


    Calisthenics Arm & Back Workout Routine

    This video is not only about developing biceps, but the back as well, but there are several beneficial additional movements.


     Here is another one from the same guy.


    Anything I have to pay attention to?

    It is crucial to perform these exercises correctly. You must focus on your muscles while you do the motions. In addition, it is essential to warm up, especially your shoulders, before your workout as you will train a smaller muscle group.

    How many sets and reps should I do?

    Well, this depends on your level. If you are beginner choose ones which you can perform correctly and do 2-3 sorts of exercises, and 3-4 sets with 6-12 reps. As you get used to the moves and your arm is getting stronger you can increase the sets, repetitions, and in order to increase the resistance, pick up harder moves.

    In calisthenics, we usually train the biceps muscles with other muscle groups, for example with triceps, back, etc. Below you can find more arm workouts without weights for guys which may help you. (Thanks for

    arm calisthenics routine

    Bodyweight arm workout


    biceps triceps routine calisthenics

    Biceps and triceps workout at home without weights


    biceps back bodyweight workout

    Back and bicep workout without equipment


    TIPDid you know that there are several calisthenics exercises which are especially good for forearms? Learn the bodyweight forearm exercises.

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    Is it possible to build perfect biceps with bodyweight exercises?

    As you can see above it is possible to build great looking and big biceps, but if you want to bodybuilder type biceps then you should use weights, mainly do bicep exercises with dumbbells.

    What do you think? Is it possible to gain huge arms with calisthenics? Tell you opinion below.


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