Best Bodyweight Lower Back Exercises For Calisthenics Workout

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bodyweight lower back exercises

Lower back exercises no weights

In this post, I would like to show you a few bodyweight lower back exercises. People usually forget that body part because they like strengthening the “visible” muscles such as chest, arms and the upper back. And even if they have abs training, they neglect it, though it is needed for complete core workouts.

However, strong and healthy lower back is crucial to perform the exercises correctly and safely. Plus, it helps to avoid lower back pain and injuries you may get from a badly-done move when doing strength training.

The deadlift or the hyperextension on the Roman chair are the two most common movements for straightening those muscles. However, what if you prefer calisthenics or have no equipment?

The good news is that there are some powerful calisthenics workouts you can do. From the following video, you can learn the best lower back exercises without weights that are suitable for both beginners and pro athletes. Plus, these moves work your glutes and hips as well.


Let’s recap the lower back bodyweight exercises you’ve learned

  1. Superman pose is the perfect exercise for home and beginners. Try to pull yourself up as high as possible and keep that position for 10-15 seconds or more depending on your fitness level. You can make Superman far harder by using weights.
  2. Lower back extensions are almost the same as the previous, but instead of holding you do it for repetitions. Try to raise your shoulders and legs as high as you can. Another version of this move when you put your feet between something so that you can lift your shoulders higher from the floor. (You may ask someone to hold your feet as well.) To get the full range of motion, lie on your stomach on something higher as if you use a Roman chair.
  3. The bridge (supine planks / reverse planks) is just the opposite of the plank. Put your feet and shoulders on two chairs by facing upwards, raise yourself up and keep that starting position as long as you can at least 30-40 seconds. To tell the truth, this lower back exercise was new to me, so I tried it immediately. It is fantastic! And it is not as easy as it seems.
  4. Headstand press which is a harder move and requires sufficient strength to perform the raises and keep the position. However, you can do it in front of a wall if you worry about falling over.
  5. Handstand press is for calisthenics pros that requires a lot of practice and exceptional strength. But once you can do it, it makes your shoulders and back incredibly strong.
  6. Back lever is another useful move to strengthen your spine and lower back muscles, though it makes your upper body tired quicker than your lower body. An easier version is the single-leg lever.
  7. Bent knees back lever is similar to the previous one, but you do it for reps.

Here is another one that I usually do. It is mainly a cardio move, but it works the lower back really well.

single-leg burpee

Single-leg burpee

Excellent list calisthenics lower back exercises, isn’t it? From this list, you can quickly set a calisthenics lower back workout by picking 2-3 moves with 2-4 sets depending your strength level. Don’t forget to stretch at the end.

Do you have a question or suggestions on how to strengthen lower back muscles without weights? Share with us below.

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