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Top Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises and Workouts for Massive Delts

    bodyweight shoulder exercises

    How to get big shoulders with calisthenics

    If you workout for a while, you know how important to strengthen your shoulders. These muscle groups take place in almost every move, especially if you do calisthenics. Just think about human flag or other advanced push ups. You won’t be able to do any of these without strong shoulders.

    There are many bodyweight shoulder exercises which are efficient to develop strength and your upper body.

    Besides, doing workouts like these are safer than free weight shoulder ones. Many people suffer from injuries because they do not perform the movements correctly, use too big weights or because the free weight exercises put the shoulders into an unnatural position.

    If you do calisthenics training, you can avoid that since you do movements that are natural, and you can easily tweak the hardness of the exercise.

    However, the bodyweight shoulder workouts below can be combined with weight training as well.

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    Top 3 shoulder exercises without equipment

    I would like to begin my list with the suggestions of Fortress, though most of the motions in this video are mainly for those who are on the intermediate or advanced level.

    He shows the moves on parallel bars, but you can perform them on the floor if they are too hard.

    He thinks the best exercises are the handstand pushups and its variations, dipping and its variations, push ups and its variations.

    I agree with this guy. When I was a beginner, I did the easier versions, the ones on the floor and with support. Then, I moved on to the harder ones. I did the simple ones until I was able to do 12-15 reps perfectly then I moved to the tricky moves with fewer reps.

    With the help of these exercises, I have been able to build a pretty strong and broad shoulders. In addition, they strengthen the arms, chest, and the core muscles.

    Calisthenics Shoulder Workout

    In this video, you can see a complete routine mainly with moves presented in the video above. However, he does some others.

    For example, he does some simple yet efficient moves to work your deltoid from every angle. I also like the way how he enhances pike push ups.

    This workout for shoulders is pretty hard but provides a complete stimulation for the shoulder muscles.


    Angry Cat Walk

    Finally, here is a funny activity which has not been mentioned previously. I do this with my son on my back. It works my core excellently, as well.

    What if I’m a Beginner?

    I understand most of these moves are pretty hard for the a beginner, so here are three exercises to start with.

    Side Plank

    While typically this exercise is used for strengthening the core, mainly the oblique it works the delts statically really well. Have you ever tried holding this position for a minute? I’m sure you felt the burn.



    Inverted Row

    This exercise is a great one for beginners to get ready for the normal pull ups, but it works the rear deltoids as well. You can do it with gymnastic rings or with a bar.

    inverted row

    Crab Walk

    Well, this an excellent compound body weight exercise that works all the muscles. but since, you have to hold your weight while moving it does really good to your triceps and shoulders as well. Do it going forward and back ward for the best results.

    crab walk

    In these videos all the best bodyweight shoulder exercises are presented, so let’s see some no weights workout routines.

    Bodyweight shoulder workout examples

    A beginner routine with the most significant moves. Focus on the correct doing. You can do 2-3 sets first, and then increase it to 5 or raise the number of reps.

    beginner routine

    Shoulder workout at home without weights

    A medium level workout with harder exercises. Korean dip is included but be careful with that move since it puts your body into a rather unnatural position. You can easily suffer an injury. I think, it is a not the safest exercise.

    medium level shoulder training

    How to broaden shoulders without weights

    This is the plan I do these days.

    full shoulder workout calisthenics



    As you see, there is no need to go to the gym or use any equipment to have a complete strength training. With the help of these at home shoulder workouts you can build big and strong deltoids.

    But be careful! Before starting your training, always spend enough time with warming up your muscles and do some stretches!

    Do you know other efficient calisthenics exercises for shoulders? Share with us.


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