Have better bodyweight workouts at home with these useful tools. Do calisthenics at home by using a power tower, dip bar, pull up bar just to mention some powerful equipment.

Bodyweight Equipment Advice

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Power Towers

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Push Up Equipment

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What is the most beneficial bodyweight exercise equipment for home?

It depends on your fitness level, if you want to focus on one particular muscle group more and of course how much space you have at home.

The most versatile piece of equipment is the power tower as it comes with a pull/chin up, dip and leg lift station. This way, you can train all the muscles of your upper body. Plus, they do need much space to use because of their compact design.

Also, power towers are suitable for those who do calisthenics since they provide all the required functions.

I live in an apartment. Which equipment is the best choice?

If you have a small space to work out, then get a TRX or a doorway pull-up bar. They need no space to use and store.

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