Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review | Is It For You?

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Usage of Bowflex PR1000 home gym: Strength Training & Cardio


Suitable to develop all muscle groups and can be used for cardio training as well.


Provides full range of motion. Provides a lot of types of strength exercises (over 30)

Easy of use

The resistance can be easily set. It can be folded.


Considering the number of exercises and the user experience, it is a good buy.

We like

  • Total body workout & cardio training.
  • Quick resistance set.
  • Provides a lot of exercises.
  • Gives good workout for beginner and intermediate users.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Built in rowing station.

We don't like

  • The maximum power rod resistance is 210 lbs, not the best for advanced muscle builders.
  • Instructional DVD would be good, though comes with a workout placard.


PR1000 is available for a great price along with free shipping facility for customers.

It is an excellent bargain because with this onetime payment, you don’t have to worry about the costly memberships of a gym or the traveling expenses and fuel charges.

This machine provides you more than 30 workout options and helps build up every muscle in your body and have an intensive cardio exercise routine. In a world where the gym and setting up a home gym is quite an exhausting task, this will be a superb choice of investment for you.

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706 Reviews
Read more Bowflex PRO 1000 customer reviews here
It is a fantastic all-in-one machine that has been designed to meet all types of exercise routines including cardio and muscle strengthening workouts. The machine has been made with durable material and comes with a warranty.

Read on and learn more about its specifications, benefits, pros and cons and the various reviews that the customers have given about this wonderfully balanced workout machine or check out the best Bowflex machine reviews here.

Why get the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym?

Most of us have very tight working schedules and even if we try hard, we can’t take out time to go to the gym. Especially the working mothers and fathers, who have to give time to their family besides working hours in their office every day, going to the gym requires extra effort. Besides, paying for the gym is a con itself and gyms nowadays are quite expensive.

The best alternative for you then is to set up a gym at home, in the comfort of the four walls where you can interact with your family members as well as do various exercises with them.

home workout

Home workout with Bowflex weight machine

You can now purchase a lot of gym equipment at very affordable prices from Amazon. They are easy to install and will provide you a fun activity to do with your friends and family members at your house. This way, you are saved from the hassle of traveling to your gym, wasting your precious time and energy as well as your money.

Best Functions & Features

The main feature of Bowflex 1000 is that instead of using free weights to create resistance, the user can achieve the same using polymer rods that are far more flexible. They are known as Power Rods in this equipment.

Besides this, there is a combination of ankle cuffs, proper hand grips, and rollers that assist you in performing an appropriate upper body and lower body full workout to strengthen your mayor muscle groups.

pr1000 bowflex

Bowflex exercise equipment with rowing function

The reason for using Power Rods instead of pulleys and free weights is that they are light in weight and are more compact, making it easier to use. You don’t have to arrange a set of steel plates for the next set and avoid lugging the heavy sets before even starting your workout. The resistance delivery has been designed free of inertia by the experts behind this brilliant idea. The inertia-less resistance ensures that you also cannot cheat during your exercise routine.

It can be used for workouts of abs, chest, back, arms and shoulders along with various combinations of 30 plus strength building exercises for muscle toning and body building.

You can also have an excellent cardio workout session through the Bowflex rowing machine built in this equipment. You can easily store it when it isn’t in use and can be folded due to its wide compactness range.

Watch the video below to learn about the Power Rod technology.


PR1000 Bowflex Gym has splendid benefits for people who are truly dedicated to body fitness and a healthy body. With its popular exercise ways and numerous benefits, it has quickly become the heart of all the other Bowflex exercise machines.

The built-in rowing machine is an excellent way to work on your cardiac strength and blood circulation as well burn a lot of calories. You can try 30 and more different types of exercises and even perform circuit training every week. You just never get bored because of the innumerable possibilities of trying out something new every day.

This gym equipment is suitable for novices as well as expert exercisers. The starting weights are 5 lbs which can gradually be increased up to 210 pounds, as they suit your muscles.

The weights are easily adjustable, and the simple hooking unhooking mechanism for Power Rods make it a lot more comfortable to increase or decrease weights. The rods are labeled so you’ll always know which one to use.

Bowflex 1000 exercises

  • Incline/decline bench press
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Scapular retraction
  • Bench press
  • Front shoulder raise
  • Seated lat rows
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Narrow pulldowns
  • Crossover seated rear delt rows
  • Stiff arm pulldowns
  • Reverse grip pulldown
  • Triceps extension
  • Wrist curl
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Seated abdominal crunch
  • Seated low back extension
  • Leg press
  • Trunk rotation
  • Standing biceps curl
  • Calf raise
  • Leg kickback
  • Hip adduction
  • Leg extension
Bowflex PR1000 exercises

Bowflex pr1000 workouts

Specifications and dimensions:

You will require up to 100 x 78 inches room to set up this fitness equipment. The dimensions of are 81” (H) x 84”(L) x 38”(W). It comes with a horizontal bench press and can endure 300lbs user. But you can get all the info from the manual

It has roller cushions for leg curl or leg extension workouts as well as triple function lat pulldown hand grips.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have given highly positive reviews on Amazon. They are quite satisfied with the packaging and delivery. Their experience in bodybuilding with this fitness equipment is pretty smooth and fun-filled. It is especially beneficial that it supports leg exercises.

Almost 90% of the reviews are 5 stars. Most of the users have endorsed that this product is excellent for this price and have appreciated the material and sturdiness of PR1000 home gym.

A few of the people have issues with its maximum weight that can only reach 210 lbs which is not much for the serious weight lifters or bodybuilders. In such cases, the users are advised to increase the reps instead of resistance itself.

Unfortunately, PR1000 does not come with a weight upgrade like the others such as the Bowflex Blaze home gym.

Others complain of the lack of instructional DVD for this equipment. Those people can read the workout placard which comes with fully explained instructions on how to safely use the home gym.

  • Versatility
  • Resistance
  • Price
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