Bowflex Revolution Review – Is It a Good Home Gym?

Why Bowflex Revolution is the ultimate solution to work out at home? If you are familiar a little bit with fitness then you know to build muscles you need to do weight training. And if you want to lose weight then you should do cardio workouts. Both of them vital for health, fitness and to get into shape.

The problem is that there are hardly any home workout machines that provides both. There are home gyms that let you work out with weights, and you can buy, for example, a rowing machine for cardio training. This can be a good solution, but you will need a lot of space and if you buy both you will have to pay pretty much.

bowflex revolution home gym review

Bowflex Revolution home gym differs from the tradition at home fitness equipment. It lets you do both cardio and muscle building workouts. It is may be the most versatile piece of equipment that has ever created that provides a total body workout.

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, if you want to build muscles or burn fat, you are going to find functions that suit your needs.

Let’s see what sorts of unique features it comes with and how it can help you.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review in Details

1. Bowflex SpiraFlex Technology for Smooth and Effective Functioning

Most of the traditional home gyms use weights, cables or rods for resistance. The SpiraFlex is better than those since it provides consistent and smooth resistance for the entire range of motion. This way the muscles are stimulated better and with that with less amount of time you will get better results.

The interesting thing is that this technology is used on the International Space Station. You know, the astronauts lose bone and muscle mass while they are in space. They tried to use free weight and others to avoid it, but none of them worked. That is how the SpiraFlex technology invented.

It enables you to easily set the optimal resistance for your exercises on the interlocking plates. The minimum is 10 pounds, and the maximum is 300 pounds (136 kg) for upper body and 600 lbs (272 kg) for the Bowflex Revolution leg press station. That is why I said it is perfect for beginners as well as advanced users.

Watch the Bowflex revolution video to learn more about this technology.

2. Bowflex Revolution Workouts

One big problem with common fitness machines is that they mainly suitable for upper body workouts, but they do not support leg training and cardio. This machine has solutions for both.

Firstly, this Bowflex machine comes with several options to train your legs. Besides the leg extension section, it comes with a leg press station. Leg press is a compound exercise that strengthen all the leg muscles and hamstrings at once (using rather heavy weights leads to better strength development).


Furthermore, it has an inbuilt rowing machine as well. As you probably know rowing is one of a complete cardio activity that works all muscle groups at one, but most importantly it is an efficient cardio activity. This exercise can help you to burn fat, develops your cardiovascular system and boost your endurance.

Anyway, it provides so many types of exercises (over 100!) that it is hard to list. You can do almost everything as if you were in a real gym. On top of that, its Freedom Arm technology allows you do the various exercises in different angles. Changing the angle of the move also leads to safer and better muscle stimulation.

To sum up, you will have everything to build lean muscles at home without using a lot of types of various equipment. It is particularly beneficial that you can do various exercises for leg workouts. 

Here is a sample workout routine. As you see it is a complete program with ab, back, chest, arm and leg Bowflex Revolution exercises. This 3-days program is great for building muscles.

workout plan

3. More Features & Benefits

  • Although this Bowflex weight machine loaded with tons of functions, it is foldable and does not need so much space. However, it is a bit heavy to move it from one place to another.
  • It manual comes with everything you need to know how to set it up and how to use it efficiently. This fitness guide will help you to learn what sorts of exercises you can do with it, how to do them correctly to get the most from your workouts. There are also complete routines and other beneficial fitness tips.
  • Do over 100 types of exercises, and if we count that arms of the machine can be set to 10 positions, this number is much higher. That means you will be able to strengthen and tone any muscles groups in several ways.
  • The maximum user weight is 300 lbs (135 kg), so it is great for overweight people how want to lose weight at home without going to the gym.
  • You can easily set the resistance and move from one exercise from another. This leads to more continuous workouts that vital for efficient training.
  • 10 years warranty that is pretty much compared to other models.
  • Folded dimensions (arms raised): 112” L x 37.8” W x 73” H (284cm x 98cm x 185.4cm)
  • Workout Area : 120” x 84” (304.8cm x 213.4cm)
  • It does not need serious maintenance and any accessories, but a rubber floor might be useful for floor protection.
  • Complete easy to follow installation manual that helps assembly. This guide also contains the list of exercises you can do as well as many workout routines for various purposes.


  • A customer complains about the support. He had to get in touch with them because of a minor problem, but they answered after two days. However, on Amazon they always answer the questions.
  • There are a few parts that should be made from more durable materials. However, since the warranty is 10 years long, the manufacturer sends you replacement parts.
  • A user had problems with the warranty registration. Since that time, the manufacturer shared detailed information about warranty.
  • The cost of this machine is a bit high bit you can have a total body workout. Hence, you will not need other equipment to buy. However, sometimes it is for sale.

What are the customer reviews?

People buy to have total body workouts at home, and the functions of this machine fulfill their needs. Users love for its unique technologies, and they feel the difference while they workout with it. Even pro users, who used to go to the gym, find the resistance system efficient.

Another interesting thing is that even if it is loaded with tons of functions customers do not find it hard to assemble. They find manual very useful.

Lots of users love it because they can quickly adjust the resistance, and they can go from one exercise to another. They find it a really versatile equipment and they like its compact design.


Bowflex revolution dimensions


If you are searching for a professional, versatile and high-quality workout machine, then it is probably the best at home exercise equipment you can purchase. With he help of this professional machine, you can build muscles, burn fat and keep yourself healthy. You can save time and money in the long run.

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Read more customer reviews here
Because of the SpiraFlex® technology, every exercise with the Freedom Arms™ delivers ultra-smooth, consistent resistance through the entire range of motion - an important ingredient in building lean, strong muscle.

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  1. I would like to have this machine but unfortunately it is rather pricey, at least for me. Can you suggest me some alternatives with similar features but a lower price?

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