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I was boxing for a year when I was a teenager, but I had to finish it because of the university. Then, at the age of thirty, I started again because I wanted a workout that develops my cardio and endurance. I bought a heavy bag, gloves, and wraps and I begin my home workouts.

Since, I knew the basics such as the stance, moves, and punches, it was not so difficult. I did shadow boxing, and then, when my skills and technique got better, I went on with heavy bag training.

I enjoyed it very much, but the only problem was that I was missing the instructions of the trainer. You know, when he tells you the combos or the defense moves, dictate the pace, says when to start and stop, etc. Obviously, the best option would have been to go back to the local boxing gym, but since I have such a busy life, it was impossible.

Then the solution came in the form of a boxing workout app called Precision Boxing Coach.

This application is made by Jason Van Veldhuysen ( who is a professional boxer and coach. He has a Youtube channel where you can learn about boxing inside out. It is an excellent source, and he is a perfect teacher.

He developed the Precision Boxing Coach app to help people like me to have a virtual trainer who gives the instructions. This is a boxing app that calls out punches and defensive moves as well.

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Why is it the best boxing workout app?

workout settings


Choose from various workouts

No matter if you are a beginner or someone who is familiar with boxing, you can pick the the most suitable workout for you.

There are 5 types of workouts:

Amateur: Maximum 2 punches in the combos, for example, jab-cross. (1-2)

Golden gloves: Maximum 4 punches in the combinations, for example, jab-jab-right uppercut-left shovel hook. (1-1-6-7)

And there are PRO, TITLEIST and P4P levels for advanced trainees. (Many punches/defense moves in the combos.)

I love that I can choose from various workouts because I can develop my skills and technique in multiple ways.

Set the intensity & rounds as you want

For each workout type you can set the intensity. I mean how fast the instruction is called out. There are 4 intensity settings: training, classic, pressure, and hurricane.

Also, you can set the length of the rounds and the length of the rest between them. And, obviously the number of rounds you would like to perform.

So, the application provides many possibilities to set it for your own needs.

Southpaw & counter punching mode

If your stance is reverse, you can also find a mode made for southpaws. The instructions are called out that way.

The counter punching mode is a great way to practice the defense moves and skills. In this mode, the combos start with a defense action such as slip left or right instead of a punch.

This is a beneficial function to develop your defense skills. This is another reason why it is the best boxing training app.

Here is the app demo presented by the developer.


An example heavy bag workout routine

Let me give you an example who I use it.

I’m not a boxer just someone who loves this sport and use it for keeping his body as healthy as possible.

Let’s say I want to do 10 3-minute rounds with 1-minute rest between.

After warming up with jump roping and burpees for 15-20 minutes, I do the following.

Shadowboxing: 3 rounds of Golden gloves at classic speed to get ready for the heavy bag.

Heavy bag workout:

  • 3 rounds of Golden gloves at pressure or classic speed for punching power.
  • 3 rounds of Pro at classic speed for punching skills and to practice more complicated combos.
  • 1 round Amateur to finish.

As you see it can be used as a heavy bag workout app and as shadow boxing app as well.

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Problems for beginners

If you are a total beginner, who has never done similar training before, you have to learn the basic punches and defenses and their numbers. Since it is boxing audio training, you have to react fast.

Hence, in the beginning, you need to concentrate on throwing the right punches and doing the proper defense moves. So, start with the amateur level and low intensity to get familiar with the instructions. But, with practice, the punches and movements will come naturally.


Call outs with numbers


I have tried other boxing workout apps such as Fitivity boxing, but none of them works so well as the Precision Boxing Coach. There is a free version that supports only one or two workouts that way it is suitable for beginners. But, the pro version, with all the functions, costs just 5 bucks as far as I know.

Also, the application is available for both Android devices and iPhones.


Other Applications from Precision Striking

Virtual sparring partner

virtual sparring partner

Sparring with someone is the best way to develop your offense and defense skills. But, what if you have not got a partner to work out with?

JT created an app for that to imitate the “situations” when you spare with someone. I got it and it is an excellent way to practice, but it is only useful if you use it on a TV. The screen of a phone is too small for that.



Combat Coach

combat coach

This is a useful application not just for boxing but MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing training. You can create your own combinations and workouts for various purposes. It is a good alternative to a kickboxing trainer app.



James Wright

James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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  1. Hi!! I am from India. And i am very obese and want to use this quarantine period to lose weight with boxing and i don’t know what diet plan i should follow or what exercise i should do because i have never done exercise in my whole life. So could you please help me?

  2. Hello ! If you’d like to try an alternative app, I can recommend “Shadow Boxing Workout” for iOS. It has multiple modes, a lot of customisation, infinitely generated trainings and a clean design.

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