Best 10 Butt Workouts for Women to Get Perfect Glutes

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butt workouts for women

How to get the perfect butt

Who else wants beautiful rounded butt? Yeah! No matter if you wear a tight dress, or you are in a bikini, guys will turn around to check your rear.

Some lucky girls genetically come with well-shaped buttocks, and with a little work they can make their glutes perfect.

But do not be afraid if you are not in that group. There are excellent butt workouts for women you can do at home with or without equipment. If you have 20-30 minutes or less 3-4 times a week, you can transform your flat bum into something beautiful.

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What are the best butt exercises for women?

Well, I do not tell you a secret if I say squats are among the best glute exercises for women. This compound exercise trains each part of your leg muscles, and especially your butt. It also enhances your fitness and health.


Best booty exercise


You can do it without weights. Although, once you get familiar with the move, and want to get even better results, doing barbell or dumbbell squats is recommended.

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The other move is the lunge. It is also exceptional to form your glutes. You can do it with or without weights, but always pay attention to do it correctly by focusing on your knees and hips.

best booty

For toned glutes


Do no like squats and lunges? There are a lot of other excellent leg exercises for ladies that can be done on the floor or in a standing position. You do not even go to the gym. You can have the best exercise for glutes at home.

Check out the following glute workouts for women. I picked the best routines here.

Effective Butt Workouts for Women

1. 8 Minute Butt Lifting Workout

A quick routine with 3 rounds of 3 different butt toning exercises. These are hip thrusters, one footed donkey kicks, and one leg deadlift. You will need a pair of dumbbells.

2. Quick Squat Workout for a Bigger Butt

Seems to be too short, right? But it is tiring since in this routine different squat variations are combined such as ski, sumo, pop, static, pulse and jump squats. It is intensive since you have to do exercises for your butt for 40 seconds and rest only 5 seconds.


3. 15 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout

This routine is great for those who has no equipment at home since only bodyweight moves are included. But that does not mean you will not feel the sore in your glutes and legs.

4. Best Glutes Workout for Beginners

Are you new to training? Then, this program is for you. Light leg exercises are added to this regime.


5. Women’s beginner butt workout for home

Another easier routine that is great to get used to bodyweight squats and lunges. You can also do it at home.


6. Booty-Shaping with Barbells

Are you used to working out? Here is the routine to give an extra boost to your backside. In this routine, the best butt workouts such as squat and lunges are done with a barbell to give an extra resistance.


7. Killer Lower Body Workout With Dumbbells

In case you want to “kill” your legs and buttocks, then this routine is for you. It lasts for 30 minutes and squats, deadlifts and lunges are combined with other cardio exercises. This program will not only strengthen and tone your leg muscles but also burns butt fat.


8. Best booty exercises to lose Cellulite

One of the most asked questions of women is how to lose cellulite on thighs and bum. While diet is crucial to solving this problem, this butt toning workout is perfect to speed up the process.


9. Butt lifting exercises for women with fitness Ball

exercises for glutes female

Here are a few butt tightening exercises with the help of the stability ball.


10. How to Lose Butt Fat Fast

While working out is is important to tone your booty, if you have extra fat on it, it is not enough. You should pay attention to what you eat if you want to get results.


What is next?

Now you know different glute and hamstring exercises to tone your butt making it bigger and lifted, so it is your choice to start shaping your booty. Pick one of the routines above and do it 3-4 times a week. You will see that you will have buttocks you are proud of sooner than you think. But do not forget healthy eating. You should follow a diet that will support your weight loss. And if you want to get results even faster, do fat burning cardio exercises to lose your butt.

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