43 Yummy Carrot Juice Recipes for Your Health


One of my favorite drinks are the various carrot juices. No, I’m not talking about the beverages we can buy at the local store, but the ones I make at home.

We love this vegetable for its sweet taste. With my kids, we usually have carrots as a snack or while we watch a movie.

The health benefits of carrots are numerous. It is rich in beta-carotene that is a potent antioxidant and does good for your eyes. It also holds a lot of alpha-carotene, fiber, and potassium that help to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol level low. Its other vitamin and mineral content also support your immune system and lower the risk of cancer.

Of course, this veggie is great for losing weight because of its high fiber content, and it is low in calories. It can be a perfect drink of a healthy diet and helps to detox your body.

Within the following presentation, you can learn all the carrot juice benefits.


Benefits of carrot juice


Another good thing about the making juice from carrots is that it tastes good with other fruits and vegetables. You will see from the recipes below that there are so many ways you can make a juice or smoothie from it. And each of them is delicious, so it will not be hard to gulp down a big glass and perfect for kids as well.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is to buy organic carrots and other ingredients. Sadly, most of the veggies we can buy at stores are not in that group. They have not got such an intense taste, and they hold so many chemicals that you must not take into your body. Hence, if it is possible always purchase from bio farms.

From the following list, you can learn how to make carrot juice using different spices and other vegetables and fruits. After trying some of the recipes below, I became addicted to this beautiful orange color root.

Headline for Healthy & Yummy Carrot Juice Recipes

How to make carrot juice in a blender

How to make carrot juice in a blender

From this video you can learn how to make a simple juice from carrot.

Carrot and apple juice

This is one of the top anti cancer juices! Its also good for your skin and hair. Easy too! From Total Juicing by Elaiine LaLanne.

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Rich in one of fall's favorite colors, orange, this refreshing juice provides anti oxidants, electrolytes and half your daily requirement of Biotin.

Beet, Carrot, and Apple Juice with Ginger Recipe

Let's combine the most powerful things into a yummy drink.

Green Juice With Apple and Carrot

The base of this juice is spinach but the apple and carrot make it more delicious.


How To Make Apple Celery And Carrot Juice

How To Make Apple Celery And Carrot Juice
Carrot Beetroot Juice Recipe

It doesn't just look great but tastes great as well.

Apple Banana Carrot Juice

The combination seems to be a bit strange, but it is not as bad.


Homemade Carrot Juice with Apples, Celery, and a Banana

Homemade Carrot Juice with Apples, Celery, and a Banana

Super charge yourself with this carrot juice drink. Boost your immune system, get pearly white eyes, and strong bones.

Healthy Skin Carrot & Citrus Juice

Would you like to give something good for your skin, Try this juice.


How to Make Carrot Celery Juice

How to Make Carrot Celery Juice

Raw Carrot Lemon Juice Recipe

Raw Carrot Lemon Juice Recipe

This is a simple raw juice.

Carrot and Orange Juice Recipe

This quick, fresh, and delicious juice is loaded with carrots and oranges, and is a great way to start off your day!

Cucumber Orange Carrot Juice Recipe

This cucumber, orange, and carrot juice is a refreshing way to start the day and is ready in about 10 minutes.


Tomato Carrot Beetroot Juice

Tomato Carrot Beetroot Juice

Juicing Carrot, Rhubarb & Watermelon

Juicing Carrot, Rhubarb & Watermelon

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