Best Chest Exercises for Women to Lift Breasts

chest exercises for women

Guide to exercises for pectoral muscles for women

When my wife asked me to set up a routine for her, she was surprised when I included chest exercises. Women usually neglect their pecs, and they mainly focus on their legs, butts, arms and abs which is a huge mistake.

An efficient routine must work all the muscle groups no matter if it is made for men or women.

My wife thought that if she does bench presses and push ups her breasts will change, and she will look like a man. It is a huge misconception!


Why should women train chest?

There are several questions related to exercises for chest for women.

They will not make your breasts smaller. The size of your breasts depends on the amount of fat since they are made up from that. Hence, if you train your pectoralis muscles, you work the muscles under it. Your breast size is going to be smaller if you lower the level of the fat in your body that mainly depends on your diet.

Will women chest exercises lift breasts high and make them look bigger?

Yes! They may look larger since the amount of muscles under them are more. And since that muscles underneath are firmer, your boobs may be higher.

Finally, we must not forget about the that firm pectoralis muscles help to perform other exercises more accurately, just like planks, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.

Overall, you need to include chest training in your program.

What are the best chest exercises for women?

Almost the same ones as for men.

1. Push ups

Push ups work the entire upper body not just your pecs but also your shoulders and triceps. Push up variations are the most significant chest exercises without weights. If you are beginner do push ups knelling then you can move on to more complicated movements.


Here is a tutorial.


2. Bench presses

Dumbbell and barbell bench press. They are the most valuable chest exercises with free weights. Start it with a barbell since it is easier to control the motion. I believe dumbbell press is far better since it let us focus on the muscles better and works other secondary muscles. There are incline and decline variations of them.

Learn how to do them correctly below.

3. Flyes

Dumbbell Flyes are beneficial moves to stretch and widen your pecs, but it is important to perform this move precisely. You should do it as if you want to hug the trunk of an enormous tree. Among the chest exercises with dumbbells this is the one that I really recommend for women.

Watch the tutorial below.


If you do these exercises for bust and their variations, you can stimulate your pectoralis muscles efficiently. However, there are several other moves as you can see from the videos and pictures below, such as ones with cable machines and medicine ball.

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Now let’s see some workout plans and other suggestions.


Workouts to lift bust

How to get firm bust naturally in the gym

Cable machine is among the most powerful tools for women to work the upper body at the gym. Cable press is a great alternative for bench presses, and it is suitable for beginners.

The dumbbell front raise is among the best shoulder exercises for women, but for controlling the movement the upper chest muscles should take place as well.


Best exercises without equipment

I love body weight movements and this video is a real example that you do not need weights to have complete workouts.

In this video, several push up variations are presented that need existing strength. Some of them are especially hard, so I recommend these moves for those who are on a higher fitness level. You can do this routine at home.


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How exercise to lift bust

In this video, you can learn everything about woman chest training. Dip is also presented which is mainly for triceps but because of the position of the body it works the pecs efficiently.

Best chest workouts for women

boobs and posture workout



dumbbell workout for chest


bodyweight training



back and chest training for ladies


That is all ladies! I hope you know now how to strengthen and tone your chest. If you have not done any workouts before, you need to learn how to perform the moves correctly. Once you get familiar with these movements increase the number of reps and sets gradually and try harder moves.



Is it safe to train with breast implants?

I have seen this question so many times on various forums, but there are no clear answers. Someone says it is OK to work out others recommend avoiding it. The best is that if you go to your doctor ask his advice before doing any exercises to lift and firm bust.

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James Wright

James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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    1. Maybe, but I don’t think it will change that much. Bodybuilder women do a lot of exercises for chest that is why they have such breasts.

  1. I have been doing most of these chest exercises on and off for years, but have concentrated on them for the last 6 months.. I am 54 years old. I cannot get rid of my side boob…I am still about 15 pounds overweight but I have lost 45 pounds in the past year. I use dumbells and a bowflex. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi…. I’m 51 and a little frustrated I’ve always been what they’ve called thick.125 but over the past 2 years I’ve had health issues and lost everything…I’ve also had 2 back fushion and in chronic pain…I’m going to give your exercises a try…they are simple and I can do them….

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