Chest Workouts at Home for Strength and Mass

chest workout at homeIf you do not have time to go the gym, you can have efficient chest workouts at home. It is a misconception that you have to go the gym in order to build muscles. You just need to select the proper type of exercises and dedicate yourself to train regularly.

There are several powerful upper body movements that your can do at home using your bodyweight. And if you have same basic home gym equipment such a bench and a pair of dumbbells, you can have free weight chest workouts as well.

The most beneficial exercises for chest you can do at home are definitely the various push-ups. This move strengthens and tone not only your pecs but also your shoulders, triceps, back, abs and your core.

Not to mention that there are a lot of variations that let you focus on the different parts of the chest muscles and increase or decrease the resistance. For example, a fitness ball is a great tool to enhance your push-ups. I think push-ups are the basis of home workouts.

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And if you have some weights and a bench, then you can have a real complete home chest training. For example, you can do bench press with a barbell, dumbbell presses or dumbbell fly. And these are just some of the basic pecs exercises with weights.

Read the following posts to learn more variations and how to perform these moves correctly in order to get the best results.

I think, among all the muscles groups, Pectoralis muscles are the easiest to train without going to the gym since nothing special is required.

To tell the truth, I only do bodyweight exercises for chest building, and I see good results. However, I sometimes do weight training as well. You know, it is always good to “attack” muscles in different ways.


Chest workouts at home video playlist

Since there are quite a lot of home chest workout routine videos, I spend some time with collecting the best ones. I made a video playlist so you can quickly browse. You can find plans with and without equipment and for all fitness level.


Some more routines you can also try.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts

I think, you have already picked the best workout routine for chest for you. And you are eager to start which is great! But before jumping into training here is some advice you should follow in order to get the best results and for safety.

  • Always warm up in order to avoid injuries. It also helps to perform the exercises more accurately.
  • After warming up and your workout stretch your muscles. Stretching helps to avoid injuries. It helps muscles to recover faster and even enhance their strength.
  • If you are a beginner, always learn how to perform the moves correctly.
    If you use weights, do not lift too heavy ones. You will not be able to perform the movements accurately and that can cause injuries.
  • Try several chest exercises and discover which work you the best. Once, you are familiar with moves, try to set up your own routine with the number of sets and reps that are suitable for you.
  • People more likely to postpone if they workout at home. Do not be among them!

I hope you will have the best chest workout plan at home, and you will gain an upper body your dream about. I know it is possible since I train at home as well.


What exercises are better for lower chest muscles?

If you have no equipment at home, then it is not so easy to have exercises focusing on your lower pecs. Most of the moves for this part is made with a barbell or dumbbells at a decline position on a weight bench. However, you can try some decline push ups. Watch this video for tips.

How to train my upper chest at home?

For that you need to do incline exercises such as press ups, just place your legs on something high. If you have an adjustable weight bench, you can do both decline dumbbell and barbell chest exercises. Here is the guide for those moves.

How to develop my inner chest?

You need to weight lifting exercises with a close grip, but I have a detailed guide here.

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