Common Excuses Given By People For Being Overweight

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About ten years ago, in the middle of my 20s, I was in my worst state both physically and mentally. I was plump, and I was not on the top mentally as well.

I did not like myself at all, and I was always thinking about starting a diet and working out. The problem was that I was just dreaming about being slimmer and stronger, but I did not do anything at all.

I always find the excuses why not to change my lifestyle. Those reasons made me happy for a short time, but the bad feeling of being fat and unhealthy always came back.

The trigger to change my life was when my son was born, and I realized that if I continue my life like this, I will not see him being an adult man.

Besides, which kid would like to be with a father who is always depressed and lazy. I did not want to be a negative role model for my children.

So, I started working out and pay attention to my diet. And now I’m fitter and slimmer than ever before. All those negative feelings have gone away, and I’m proud of myself that I did not join the club of chubby parents.

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Turning back to excuses. I have to say I was so creative to create reasons why not to exercise and eat healthily.

However, after talking with others, I realized that there are some common excuses among those who are overweight.

Here are the most typical ones.


I have a slow metabolism.

You may have, but you can increase it by consuming the right type of foods and by exercising. This cannot be a reason at all.

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A healthy lifestyle is expensive.

Being unhealthy is more expensive. How much do you pay monthly for junk food, alcoholic beverages and others that you can live without? And how much does it cost to you if you are ill all the time because of being unhealthy? Did you know that an average American spends over $1200 on fast food yearly?

In my point of view, this is the dumbest excuse.

Fruits, veggies, whole wheat things, etc. and cooking your healthy meals cost less than buying those harmful processed things.

And how much does it cost to you to have a walk, run or do some bodyweight exercises at home? Almost nothing!

Healthy foods are yucky.

Yes, because you are not used to them, or you do not know how to prepare them to be delicious. Cooking is yummy and healthy foods is as easy as making other meals. You just need to spend some time to learn it.

There are millions of healthy recipes and cooking tutorials out there for free. Google is not only for finding the latest celebrity news.


I hate working out.

How many activities have you tried? Working out does not only mean you have to run or lift weights. There are so many other ways to move each day. Take the dog for a walk, work outside, clean the house, use the stairs, etc. Anything! Just move!


People should accept me as I am

Yes, that is true. But you should change not because of the people but for yourself. You want to live longer, be happier and look slimmer, don’t you? So, go and work for it.


Life is too short to always focus on healthy things.

It might be shorter if you do not. You say this because the you are a slave of your bad habits. As we are human beings, we are in an autopilot mode doing the same bad things over and over again.

Your aim is to take up good habits and get rid of the bad ones that make you unhealthy. After some time, the new, beneficial habits will be totally natural for you, as the bad ones in the past. And with that you will not feel that you neglect something from your life.



I do not have time to exercise.

You have for everything that you really want to have. How much time do you spend with it watching rubbish on the TV, browsing your Facebook account and other useless activities?


I inherited my body type from my origins.

You may, but that does not mean you must be unhealthy. Even if you body type is endomorph you can drop many pounds quickly by eating well and exercising.



I’m sure if you have ever tried to lose weight and failed, you have told yourself at least one of the excuses above. And maybe that was the reason you fail. Hence, it is time not to lie yourself. And instead of finding reasons, focus on what you want and do your best to reach your goals.

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